Saving money or getting hitched?

Which is harder? Saving money or getting hitched?

We’ve all heard it before. “I’m waiting for Mr Right”. We’ve also heard the other popular version: “All the good ones are taken”. Or “I have no time for such things”.

Yes, our busy, pressure cooker lifestyle has certainly taken its toll on the number of singles getting hitched and consequently, producing an off-spring to shore up Singapore’s population.

Despite the proliferation of dating agencies and the removal of the stigma of a government sponsored dating event, singles are still preferring the carefree life – hanging out with other singles! Thus, perpetuating singlehood! A single’s most useful ally, apart from a BFF, is her money. Money to spend on a holiday with gal-pals in a whimsical weekend, money to throw at retailers, money to be seen at the latest pop-up restaurants or a 6-course Degustation meal helmed by the newest sleek-haired, hot, young chef from Dover, England.

At this point in her life, a single is best placed at handling money with fewer responsibilities.


So, the case for a single saving money with ease is a no-brainer:

Use different containers

  • She stays with mom and dad – so they save on rent! Imagine saving S$2,000 on monthly rent, and using that sum to invest for 5 years at 3% compounding interest – a tidy sum of S$129,480.47 saved!
  • What they earn, they keep! There’s no spouse nor kids to be responsible at this point.
  • Singles spend on themselves, it’s easier to cut back on spending and save abit more.


But, what if Mr Right comes along? Does it change the way you save? Likely.

For now, the answer we’re looking for is actually quite logical. It’s easier to do the thing that you’re in control of – saving money. Which will prove to be highly useful because who knows? Mr Right could be just around the corner!


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