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The calculator is intended to be used for illustrative purpose only and has not been tailored to your specific investment objectives, financial information and particular needs1.
You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase the product. To assist you in your protection planning, you may wish to seek financial advice from our Relationship Managers in any of our DBS/POSB branches.

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  1. The Bank shall not be liable for any error and/or loss suffered as a result of using the calculator.
  2. Support refers to monetary terms / value you incurred when taking care of your family.
  3. Dependants are children who have not reach financial independence, or elderly parents who have stopped working and no longer earning regular income, spouse or any person you named, who rely on you for financial support.
  4. Expenses incurred refers to support needed on your dependants based on your current lifestyle.