ACTIVE Debit Card - FAQs

  1. Are there any limits on how much I can spend with my ACTIVE Card?

    a.  Default daily MasterCard spending limit for PIN-based transactions (i.e. NETS) is S$3,000.
    b.  Default daily withdrawal limit at ATM is S$3,000.
    c.  The shared MasterCard Debit Limit for the following is set at S$0:

    • Signature-based transaction
    • Online payment
    • Mail order
    • Phone order
         You may increase the MasterCard Debit Limit upon Card Activation.

    Note: Above limits are subject to your available bank balance.

  2. Why do I have to take necessary precautions to safeguard my ACTIVE Card?

    Your Card can now be used for Point-of-Sale (via PIN or signature) or card-not-present (via online, mail or phone order) payments, and the transaction amount(s) will be deducted directly from the bank account that is linked to your Card. Please take extra care against theft or loss to avoid unauthorized use.

  3. What will happen if I lose my ACTIVE Card or it gets stolen?

    Please notify us of your lost or stolen Card by calling 1 800 221 1111 (from Singapore) or +65 6221 1111 (International) immediately.

    Subject to the terms and conditions in the applicable debit card agreement, your maximum liability shall be capped at S$100 for unauthorized transactions not due to your fault or negligence. We will refund to you the unauthorized amounts in excess of the applicable liability cap, within 14 days from the time you submit all necessary information and document.

  4. Are there any membership fees?

    No membership fee is needed for your ACTIVE Card.

  5. How can I enable my overseas cash withdrawal function?

    You can activate your overseas cash withdrawal function at any DBS/POSB ATM or via iBanking


    1. Select "More Services" twice
    2. Select "Change ATM Card Overseas Access"

    iBanking (for iBanking user)

    1. Login with your User ID and Password
    2. Select "Credit & Debit/ATM Card"
    3. Select "Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Access" and choose the card that you wish to enable

Click POSB ACTIVE Card to apply.

Important Notes

  1. This Debit Card can be used at ATMs and for PIN-based transactions at selected merchants in Singapore and at Maestro or Cirrus enabled merchants overseas. It also allows you to sign for local and overseas purchases and perform card-not-present transactions (such as online, mail and phone orders), which shall be paid for by directly deducting the transaction amount(s) from your bank account.
  2. As a Debit Card carries risks of unauthorised signature-based or card-not-present transactions, the MasterCard Debit Limit for signature-based and card-not-present transactions has been set to S$0. You may increase the MasterCard Debit Limit upon activation.
  3. Before you use this new Card, please read the DBS Debit Card Agreement that is enclosed with the Card. If you have any queries regarding the Agreement, please give us a call at 1800 111 1111.
  4. If your Card is lost, stolen or if the PIN has been compromised, you must notify us immediately. You should also make a police report and provide us with a copy of the report and in certain circumstances accompanied by written confirmation of the loss/theft/ disclosure and any other information that we may require.

    Once we establish, with your assistance, that the loss or theft of your Card or PIN compromise was not due to your fault or negligence, your liability for unauthorised transactions effected after such loss, theft or unauthorised disclosure but before we are notified thereof shall be limited to S$100.

    You will not be liable for any transactions carried out after you have notified us. We will refund the amounts deducted from your bank account for unauthorised transactions, in excess of the applicable liability cap, within 14 working days from the time you submit all the necessary information to us.

    For more information and full details, please refer to the DBS Debit Card Agreement.