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Self-Service Banking

24-hour self-service banking for your convenience

Self-Service Banking

We know your cash and banking needs don't always fit into standard 9-5 working hours. For your convenience, we provide hassle-free access to your account via our suite of machines and services.


  • Largest network of ATMs and CAMs
  • 24-hour self-service banking at:
    • ATMs - for a wide range of transactions, be it cash withdrawals, balance inquiry, funds transfer, pay bills or top-up your mobile prepaid card/ NETS CashCard/ NETS FlashPay/ EZ-link Card/ Concession Card.
    • CAMs - for cash deposits (SGD 10, SGD 50, SGD 100 and SGD 1000 notes) and instant passbook updates.

To locate an ATM or CAM near you, click here

With effect from 2 July 2014, EZ-Link Pte Ltd has imposed a $0.20 convenience fee for every ez-link card top-up performed at DBS/POSB ATMs. For more details, please visit the advisory notice put up in EZ-Link website

For top-up service to NETS FlashPay card, NETS CashCard and Concession Card (Student/NSF/Senior Citizen), the convenience fee will NOT apply.

Introducing our new coin deposit machine, that allows you to deposit coins into your account with instant crediting. This machine accepts Singapore currency coins in the following denominations:

  • Second Series bearing the flora theme: 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar
  • Third Series bearing the national icons and landmarks: 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar

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Usage Guide

  1. Deposit coins without an ATM card
    1. Select your preferred language "English", "华语" or "Melayu" and tap the screen to begin
    2. To agree to the terms and conditions, select "Accept"
    3. Select account type to deposit into
    4. Enter account number ► "OK"
    5. Enter reference number, if required ► "OK"
    6. Enter NRIC / passport number and local contact number ► "OK"
    7. To agree to the coin deposit fee payable, select "Accept"
    8. Pour coins into the tray and lift the tray
    9. Select "Confirm" after verifying the summary of deposit
    10. Collect receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use this Coin Deposit Machine?
    This service is available to customers who wish to deposit coins into any DBS/POSB Savings or Current account.

  2. How many coin(s) can I deposit per transaction?
    We accept at least one coin per deposit transaction. The maximum deposit will be subjected to the available capacity of the machine at the time of transaction.

  3. Am I required to sort the coins according to denominations before depositing?
    No sorting of coins is needed.

  4. Can I deposit coins into more than 1 account per transaction?
    You can deposit only to one account per deposit transaction.

  5. Do you accept foreign currency coin deposit?
    Foreign currency coins are not accepted and will be dispensed into the reject coin bin.

  6. What is the coin deposit fee payable?
    S$0.012 will be charged per coin regardless of denomination. The total fee payable will be rounded to the nearest one cent. For example, deposit of two coins will be S$0.024, fee payable will be rounded to S$0.02.

  7. Can the coin deposit fee be waived?
    The fee is payable for coin deposit into all DBS/POSB accounts except for,
    • POSBkids Account until the child turns 16 years old and
    • POSB Child Development Account.
    The amount will be automatically waived and printed on the receipt as S$0.00. You are no longer required to place the receipt into the cheque deposit box.

  8. How do I pay for the coin deposit fee?
    The fee will be deducted from the account where the coin deposit was made.

  9. What is a reference number?
    It is for you to make reference to the deposit so you can track your transaction. You can key up to 20 alphanumeric characters. This reference number will be printed on your receipt and on your statement of account.

  10. Why am I required to provide my personal details when making a deposit?
    This information is required to help validate the deposit and follow up with you in the event of discrepancy or a claim.

  11. Can I cancel my deposit and retrieve my coins after I have made a deposit?
    You can retrieve the coins in the coin tray, if any. Coins accepted by the machine will be deposited into the account you have provided.

  12. Why does the machine reject the coins that I have deposited?
    The coins that are rejected may be soiled or of a foreign currency. Please ensure that you do not deposit foreign currency or objects into the machine.

  13. When will my deposit be credited to the account?
    Coins deposited will be instantly credited into the account you have provided.
  • Access to over 830 AXS Stations.
  • Bills and fines payment.
  • Other e-Services such as government e-services, telecommunication companies’ prepaid card top-up, movie ticket purchase and BBQ pit booking.

Please click here for the locations of the AXS Stations.

  • Alternative way of deposit cheques into an account without having to use an ATM card/ Pin or passbook
  • Deposit up to 10 cheques into the same account within one transaction

How to use

  1. Touch screen to begin.
  2. Enter account number to credit cheque amount and press "confirm".
  3. Insert cheque(s) into the slot. Please ensure that the cheque(s) is placed faced-up wih the bank logo on your left. Machine is able to accept up to maximum 10 cheques per transaction into same account.
  4. Enter the amount and Press "confirm" to go the next cheque or confirm the whole transaction.
  5. Select receipt option and to end the transaction.

All you have to do is to follow the messages on-screen and place your cheques into the slot.

To locate Quick Cheque Machine near you, click here

**Effective from 22nd November 2015.

  • Step 1: Dial (+65) 63272265
  • Step 2: English menu automatically in 3 seconds. For a menu in Mandarin, press 2.
  • Step 3: Enter your Singapore NRIC or Debit Card number or Credit Card number or Phone Banking UID + # Press 1 if you wish to proceed without identification.

Banking services

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Cashline services

Investment services

Other services

Account balanceFee waiversFee waiversIPO enquiryChange Phone Banking UID (foreigners only) and change Phone Banking PIN
Salary enquiryOutstanding and available balanceOutstanding and available balanceCPF investment servicesRates
- Foreign currency notes
- Foreign exchange rates
- Foreign currency fixed deposit rates
- Singapore dollar fixed deposit rates
Bill payment(including Fines and Donations)Temporary limit increaseCheque services
- Cheque Status
- Stop Cheque requests (Discounted)
- Cheque book request
Electronic payment of sharesBranch code
Cheque services
- Cheque Status
- Stop Cheque requests (discounted)
- Cheque book requests
DBS points redemptionLast 5 transactions-Branch location
Last 5 transactionsLast 5 transactionsAccount statement request-Operating hours
Account statement requestAccount statement request---

How to apply for DBS Phone Banking

Applying is easy!



Apply instantly via any of our DBS/POSB ATMs island wide using your existing ATM / Credit / Debit Card and existing 6 digit PIN.

DBS Branch

DBS Branch

For instant account creation, visit any DBS branch with your identity card/passport (and relevant pass issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore).

DBS Forms

DBS Forms

Mail in this application form. You will receive your Phone PIN by mail within 7 days.


  • Applicant must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must hold a Personal or Joint Alternate DBS Savings / Savings Plus / Autosave / Current / ECCA / Cashline / Credit Card Account.
  • If the only accounts are Joint All or Trust Minor accounts, the applicant is NOT eligible.


  • Customize your PIN to your desired 6-9 digit PIN in our Phone System at any time.
  • For Singapore NRIC holders and PRs, your User ID starts with "7", followed by your NRIC number. Alternatively, you may use your Credit Card number, Debit card number as your user ID.
  • Foreigners are assigned with a random User ID starting with 9 and they can change their User ID only once in our Phone system.
  • Cut down on time spent on the phone by using the following short-cuts after you enter your Identification.
  • Press*0 – Speak to a Customer Service Officer
  • Press*1 – Return to Main Menu
  • Press*2 – Return to Previous Menu
  • Press*3 – Banking Last 5 Transactions
  • Press*4 – Change UID and PIN
  • Press*5 – Banking Balance Enquiry
  • Press*6 – Credit Card Balance Enquiry
  • Press*7 – Cashline Balance Enquiry
  • Press*8 – Credit Card Temporary Limit Increase
  • Press*9 – Credit Card Last 5 Transactions

With our Q Cam service, you can view the queues at the branches before you head down. Note that some branches do not have this Q Cm service

  • Step 1
    • Download the digibank app
    • If you already have the digibank app, go to Step 2
    • Otherwise please visit your mobile app store to download the app instantly.
  • Step 2

    How to view the Branch Queues

    • Select "ATM & Branch" at the top of the digibank app homepage
    • Select the branch you will like to view and click on "Q CAM"