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General FAQ on iBanking OTP

  1. What is iBanking OTP?

    POSB iBanking OTP is previously known as iB Message. It is an iBanking security feature introduced by DBS Bank. iBanking OTP will be used for the following services:

    For login - An 8-digit 'One Time Password' (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. This OTP is used to login to iBanking as a second factor authentication.

    For authorization - a single-usage 'One Time Password' (OT) will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. This OTP is used to authorise selected transactions on POSB iBanking such as Update Personal Details on POSB iBanking

    For notification - An SMS will be sent when selected transactions on POSB iBanking are completed:

  2. Which iBanking services/ transactions would require OTP Authorisation via iBanking OTP?

    The following services/transactions would require iBanking OTP to authorise:

    • Update Mailing Address (only for foreign mailing address)
    • Update Personal Details
    • Email Alert
    • PayEasy: Add New iB Demand Draft Payee
  3. How does iBanking OTP authorization and notification benefit me as an iBanking user?

    Internet comes with its inherent risks where hackers readily exploit the internet for their personal gain. Hence, adequate security measures and good practice must be adopted when you surf or transact on the Internet. iBanking OTP is an additional security feature that uses a 'One Time Password' (OTP) authorisation and SMS notification for your peace of mind.

  4. How do I apply for iBanking OTP?

    Please login to iBanking to register your mobile phone number to receive iBanking OTP. If you do not have internet access, you can apply for this service by completing the Application Form. Your application will be activated 3 working days upon receipt of your form.

  5. How fast will I be able to receive the OTP?

    You should receive the iBanking OTP within few seconds to your registered mobile phone number.

    As the OTP is delivered using SMS, it is dependent on the mobile operator’s network and traffic condition. Therefore, there may be some delays during peak periods or on certain days; public holidays like Christmas.

  6. Is the service chargeable?

    This service is currently offered free of charge but you may incur SMS charges from your mobile operators.

  7. Which are the mobile service providers supported?

    In Singapore, SingTel Mobile, M1 and Starhub are supported. If you are using an overseas registered mobile number, your mobile service provider must be on GSM network and provides SMS service.

  8. How can I update my registered mobile phone number to receive iBanking OTP?

    For an immediate update of your mobile phone number, please visit your nearest DBS/POSB ATM and select the following options:

    • More Services
    • Card/PIN/iBanking/Phone Banking
    • Register Mobile Phone for iBanking OTP
    • Press 'Confirm' when you reach the screen 'Application to register mobile phone for receiving iBanking OTP
    • Select 'Singapore' or 'Overseas' when you reach the screen 'Where is your phone registered'
    • Enter the mobile phone number you would like to use to receive your iBanking OTP
    • Press <ENTER> key
    • Validate by re-entering your mobile phone number
    • Press <ENTER> key
  9. Can I use the service overseas?

    iBanking OTP is sent using SMS technology. Your mobile service operator will be able to give you specifics on receiving SMS sent from Singapore whilst overseas.

    • If you are subscribing to a local mobile service operator, you must have auto-roam service activated for your line and the country you are travelling to should also support GSM network and SMS.
    • If you are using an overseas mobile service operator, GSM network and SMS technology must be supported.
  10. What is my overseas mobile service operator or the country I am travelling to does not support GSM network or SMS technology?

    As you cannot receive iBanking OTP, you will not be able to perform certain transactions online such as Add Payee. You are encouraged to add your payees online before travelling.

  11. What if I do not own a mobile phone?

    If you did not register your mobile phone number to receive iBanking OTP, you can perform these transactions over at any nearest DBS/POSB branches.

  12. Can I use/share a common mobile phone number for receiving iBanking OTP?

    iBanking OTP is an integral part of the overall iBanking security and serves as a dedicated communication channel between DBS and you for critical information. Therefore, sharing of mobile phone number with anyone for this purpose is not supported.

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