DBS iBanking Online Application FAQs

  1. What is the iBanking Online Application service?

    This is an enhanced service whereby customers can apply for DBS iBanking online and get their User ID (UID) and PIN immediately. In addition, they will also immediately receive a confirmation on the status of their application. The DBS iB Secure Device will be posted to these customers within 3 working days of their application.

    Please remember to register your mobile phone number to receive iBanking OTP. Click here to find out more.

  2. I do not have an ATM or Debit card? How do I apply for the iBanking service?

    We have enhanced the service for you to use your credit card to apply for the iBanking access. Should you wish to do so with your credit card, please click here.

    Alternatively, please click here to access our mail-in application form, this option allows you to apply for iBanking OTP along with your application for iBanking access.

  3. Can I login/activate my Internet Banking account immediately after I apply online?

    You will need the DBS iB Secure Device before you can login to access Internet Banking. The DBS iB Secure Device will be posted to the registered mailing address of your primary account within 3 working days of your application.

  4. Can companies apply online for DBS iBanking?

    The online application is only applicable for individual account holders. For company applications, please call 1800 222 2200 (or +65 6222 2200 from overseas) for an application form.

  5. I have just signed up for iBanking but have not received my PIN Mailer.

    We will not be sending you a separate PIN mailer. This is because when you have applied for iBanking via the ATM or online, you would have chosen a 6-digit PIN.

    Otherwise, please click here to create your PIN (between 6 to 9 digits):

    1. Fill in all required fields and click "Next" for verification.
    2. Proceed with your first login to DBS iBanking at www.dbs.com.sg

    If you do not have a Credit Card, Debit Card or ATM card, please call 1800 111 1111 for a PIN mailer to be sent.