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As online fraud and mischief is evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated, online security itself has to advance to combat these cyber crimes. That is why POSB is introducing POSB iB Secure - a device that implements 2FA for all POSB iBanking access - as your online banking security is our top priority.

POSB iB Secure is a security device that generates a unique dynamic PIN each time you use it. This is a more secure method of customer verification that relies on information that

  • you know (your PIN) and
  • what the bank provides you (POSB iB Secure PIN)

Should your User ID and PIN be compromised for any reason, the intruder will also need your personal POSB iB Secure device, without which he will be unable to access your POSB iBanking. This makes it more difficult for hackers who manage to obtain a string of customers’ User IDs and PINs via phishing or spy ware, therefore increasing the security of all POSB iBanking transactions.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
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