MyShield – Medisave-Approved Health Insurance

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Medical care and attention in Singapore can be costly, and if you are not adequately insured you could face high medical expenses in the event of an accident or illness. MyShield is a one-of-a-kind Medisave-approved medical insurance policy that can help you say NO to high medical expenses.

Why choose MyShield?

  • Reimbursement of hospital bills1 on an "as charged" basis2
  • Guaranteed renewability and unlimited life long cover
  • The only plan that provides free coverage for children3 under the age of 20
  • Opportunity to cover past medical concerns with Guaranteed Issuance4
  • Interim cover5 of up to S$30,000 application is in process
  • Option to pay premiums using CPF Medisave

1 Subject to the limits as set out in the Benefits Schedule shown depending on the plan chosen. Please refer to the Policy Contract for more details.
2 Co-insurance and/or deductible apply. Pro-ration factor may also apply.
3 Free coverage for children (up to a maximum of 4 children) is provided based on Plan 2 of MyShield, subject to underwriting, up to 20 years of ANB, provided you and your spouse are covered under Plan1 or 2.
4 Only for applicants who has chosen Moratorium Underwriting and provided applicant has not been declined / deferred for other insurance applications. Please refer to Product Summary and Policy Contract for detailed terms and exclusions.
5 Interim cover is only for those with no basic MediShield or only basic MediShield coverage. Both deductible and co-insurance apply regardless of whether applicant has applied for MyShield Plus. Pro-ration factor would also apply if the insured person has been admitted to a higher ward than what has been applied in the application for MyShield or admitted to a Singapore Private Hospital.