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Regular Savings Plan Take advantage of current market uncertainties with a regular savings plan.
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At POSB, we know and understand what's important in your life. As the bank that cares, let us guide you on that journey to a secure future. Equipped with a toolkit called My Future, our Personal Financial Managers can help you on your way by explaining the three steps of saving, protecting and growing your money to achieve your cherished goals.

To cater for long-term needs, growing your wealth by investing is crucial as inflation may erode the value of your savings over time. POSB has a wide range of investment and insurance offerings to meet your needs.

They include unit trusts, structured deposits, and various wealth protection products such as health and life insurance plans. Our Personal Financial Managers will be able to design and customise a financial plan by picking the products that will be right for you and your family.

For a good introduction to the how and why of financial planning, you may wish to read and follow the links to the sections below:

Financial Planning and You
Getting a good grounding in handling your personal finances is all important in this day and age. Economic conditions are ever-changing but with careful financial planning, it is possible to prevent some of the worst effects on your personal finances.

At POSB, we are committed to helping our valued clients learn the vital concepts of financial planning and imparting key domain knowledge. Click on the links below to learn more.