POSB Further Study Assist - Preferred Education Loan


Special Offer

Promotional interest rate of 4.60% p.a. and a loan amount of up to 10x your combined monthly income for our list of preferred institutions.
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Benefits at a Glance

  • Loan up to 6 times your monthly income
  • Choice of loan tenure from 1 to 5 years to suit your financial ability.
  • No cost for issuance of subsequent cheques.
  • No cancellation and early redemption penalty fee

Interest rate table

The below illustration is for lump sum disbursement with fixed monthly repayment spread over 1 to 5 years loan tenure.

Approved Loan Amount S$5,000 S$10,000 S$30,000
Less 3% Processing Fee 3%
Disbursed Loan Amount S$4,850 S$9,700 S$29,100
Loan Tenure Interest Rate(p.a.)1 Instalment Amount Per Month
1-year 5.88% S$431 S$861 S$2,581
2-year 5.88% S$222 S$443 S$1,328
3-year 5.88% S$152 S$304 S$912
4-year 5.88% S$118 S$235 S$703
5-year 5.88% S$97 S$193 S$579
Eligible Loan Amount Up to 6x combined monthly income

Note: Above calculations are for illustration purpose only and should not be taken to be a guarantee of the actual amounts payable.
For progressive disbursements, the monthly instalment amount will increase with each subsequent disbursement. The revised monthly instalment amount will be calculated based on outstanding loan balance and remaining tenure.
1Interest is calculated on a monthly reducing rest basis.

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Applicable only to POSB Partner’s Institutions, please click here to view the list of institutions.

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Revision to POSB Further Study Assist Terms and Conditions

Please be informed that revisions have been made to the POSB Further Study Assist Terms and Conditions (For loans approved on or after 1st December 2012) which will take effect on 1st July 2014. For the full list of changes, click here.

Click here to view the latest POSB Further Study Assist Terms and Conditions.