Quick Cheque Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this Quick Cheque Machine?

    This is a new 24-hour self-service machine that allows you to deposit cheques at our selected branches/Electronic Banking locations.

  2. Who can use this Quick Cheque Machine?

    Customers who wish to deposit cheques into any DBS Current/Autosave Account, DBS Savings Plus Account, POSB Current Account, POSB Savings Account may use this machine. He can also deposit cheques on behalf of his relative or friend.

  3. Can I deposit cheque into my Cashline account?

    Yes, you may deposit cheque into a Cashline account. Please note that the deposit cut-off time for the machine at 3.30pm is different from Quick Cheque Deposit Box at 1.00pm.

  4. When will my account be credited?

    Cheque deposited before 3.30pm from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holiday) will be credited on the same day. Funds will be available after 2pm on the next clearing day if cheque deposited is good for local clearance.

  5. Can I deposit more than 1 cheque into my account?

    Yes, you can deposit up to 6 cheques into the same account. If you have more than 6 cheques for the same account, you need to perform another transaction.

  6. Can customer deposit to different accounts in a single transaction?

    No, each transaction can only deposit to the same account. If you need to deposit to a different account, please perform another transaction.

  7. Can I deposit a Foreign Currency / USD Cheque into my Savings/Current account?

    No. It does not support Foreign Currency conversion into Singapore Dollar. Please deposit the cheques with our branch staff.

  8. Can I deposit a USD Cheque into my USD account?

    No. It does not support USD cheque clearing. Please deposit the cheques with our branch staff.

  9. How do I deposit a cheque into my FD account?

    Please deposit the cheque with our branch staff as it involves manual handling of fund placement into a FD account.

  10. How do I make cheque payment for my Credit Card bill?

    Please deposit the cheque with our branch staff as it involves manual posting of transaction to your credit card account.

  11. What if I have keyed wrong amount/account number for the cheque deposit. Can you help?

    Please provide transaction/account details. We will respond to you after our investigation.

  12. The machine is not functioning or machine is jammed etc. How can I deposit my cheque?

    Our branch staff will be able to assist you with the transaction.

  13. Who can help if I encounter a problem using the machine?

    You may approach our branch staff for assistance or call us at:
    DBS Phone Banking : 1800-111-1111
    POSB Phone Banking : 1800-339-6666