Address Update

Address update - gogc

Now, there are easier ways to update your address

Skip queue! You can now update your address via iBanking or at any AXS station.

The address for the following products (personal or joint-alternate account type) will be updated:

  • Deposits, loans and investments
  • Credit cards (Principal cardholders only)
  • Cashline
  • Margin Trading (DBS Share Financing)

If you prefer to update the address for selected accounts or cards, you could do so easily via iBanking.

Address Update via iBanking

Step 1:

Click on “My Preferences” and select “Address Update”

Step 2:

Input your new address, select the accounts to be updated and the effective date of your address change

Step 3:

Click “Submit”

Address Update at an AXS Station

Step 1:

Click on DBS or POSB banner button and select “Services > Update My Address”

Step 2:

Select the type of address you are updating “An Overseas Address” or “A Singapore Address”

Step 3:

Input your new address

Step 4:

Check your details and select “Confirm”

Step 5:

Insert and remove your DBS/POSB ATM/Debit card and enter your PIN for verification

Updating via mail-in or at the branch

You can also update your address by completing the form and mailing it to us or by visiting any DBS/POSB branch.