Online GIRO

GIRO, the smarter way to pay your bills.
GIRO is a convenient mode of payment for all regular bill payments like telephone bills, income tax, utility bills, season parking fees and many more.

Why sign up for GIRO?
There's no need to worry about missing a payment, paying penalty fees or waiting in line to make payment. Simply maintain sufficient funds in the designated POSB account(s) for deduction on the payment dates.

GIRO Application via iBanking
Log on to POSB iBanking and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select "Payment Services", "Add GIRO Arrangement".
  2. Under "From Account", choose your preferred account for this payment.
  3. Under "To Billing Organisation", select the name of the Billing Organisation.
  4. Under "Bill Reference No.", please key in your bill reference number for the Billing Organisation. For the explanatory guide on "Bill Reference No", please click "View More Info".
  5. Under "Payment Limit", please key in "0" unless you would like to set a limit.
  6. Click "Submit".
  7. Check your information again before you click "Confirm" and your application is complete!

Please click here for the list of Billing Organisations available via POSB iBanking.

For additional GIRO terms and conditions, please click here.