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As the People’s Bank, POSB is committed to reach out to the community and make a difference to the lives of Singaporeans.

Over the years, POSB has been supporting community development and promoting financial literacy to both young and old. On top of large scale community programmes rolled out by the Bank, our Branch Managers also play an active role in engaging the residents in their branch vicinity through localised activities.

Read on to find out how POSB deepens our engagement with the community as Neighbours first, bankers second.

At POSB, we believe that financial education is a lifelong journey that starts young. With programmes that are catered to children, adults and seniors, we hope to raise the awareness of financial literacy to more Singaporeans.

For the children

School outreach
The POSBkids Academy School Outreach is a unique educational series to increase financial literacy among children, teaching them the value of thrift via:

  • “Save for a brighter future” skit – a captivating skit to teach children how to better manage their money
  • POSBkids Banking Day – where POSB goes to schools and libraries to give children first-hand experience in depositing their coins using the POSB Smiley Coin Machine

Savings Programmes for the needy kids
POSB works closely with Community Development Councils (CDCs) to create savings programmes for the less privileged children through the POSB PAssion Kids Fund.

  • Young Savers Programme with North East CDC
    - Budgeting Workshops to inculcate the virtue of savings.
  • KidzLearn Programme with South West CDC
    - Program to prepare preschoolers academically and socially for Primary One education, including learning the skill set of budgeting and saving.
  • Matched Savings Programme with North West CDC
    - Interactive workshops that imparts the money management skills.

For the adults

POSB branch managers conduct regular workshops that span across a spectrum of financial planning topics for residents within their branch vicinity. Through the local community clubs, residents are able to register themselves for workshops these that cover retirement planning, family money management, and investing.

For the seniors

Financial Literacy Workshop for the Silver Aged
POSB developed a financial programme in 2013 to address the key financial challenges facing the seniors of Singapore today and to equip them with an understanding of these issues. Through this programme, POSB hopes to empower senior citizens with the howknowhow of financial planning so that they can enjoy their golden years.

Titled the POSB Financial Literacy Workshop for the Silver Aged, the programme consists of 5 sessions that is conducted by WINGS:
- Life Stage Planning
- Insurance Coverage in Old Age
- Investment during Retirement
- Important Legal Documents for Seniors Wealth Management

Through collaborations and partnerships, POSB is able to harness the joint capabilities to create greater value initiatives that benefit the community at large.

People’s Association (PA)

POSB PAssion Run for Kids

Established since 2008, POSB PAssion Run for Kids is now the largest charity kids run in Singapore. Jointly organised with People’s Association, the event aims to raise funds for the less privileged children through the POSB PAssion Kids Fund. More than $1.5million has been utilised to help 70,000 children in Singapore. For more information, click here.

POSB Centres at Community Clubs

The first bank to open its branch at a community club, POSB makes banking more convenient by bringing banking closer to residents. Zhenghua Community Club is the first community club that has a POSB Centre that provides a full suite of non-cash services with cash services at the self service banking lobby. Since then, POSB has extended its footprints to 4 more community clubs namely, Nee Soon South, Boon Lay, West Coast and Canberra.

PAssion POSB Debit Card

The PAssion POSB Debit Card has been extremely popular with our customers since its launch in January 2014. Customers are able to enjoy a suite of lifestyle benefits and payment convenience that come with Singapore’s first community all-in-one card. This card further demonstrates POSB’s commitment to strengthen community ties and deliver greater value to our customers. For more information, click here.


1. Nanyang Polytechnic

Launched an interactive e-learning portal aimed at helping seniors to learn about internet banking and experience real-life iBanking simulation in a safe and convenient platform.

2. Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic Launched a mobile app to engage and teach children the value of thrift through interactive games

3. ITE College Central

ITE College Central Launched a mobile app to engage and teach children the value of thrift through interactive games

For more information, click here.

National Library Board (NLB)

Advocate reading in children

To promote the good habit of reading, selected POSB branches with higher concentration of young family customers provide books for children to read while their parents conduct banking transactions at the branch.

POSB Banking Day at libraries

POSB organised a series of Banking Day at regional libraries islandwide in 2013 to make saving more convenient for parents and children.

Office Of Public Guardian (Ministry of Social and Family Development)

At POSB, apart from providing banking services and meeting customers’ financial needs, we would also like to ensure that the financial management aspect of their life is being taken care of. Hence, we partnered Office of Public Guardian to raise the awareness of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to our customers. For more information, please click here.

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POSB Community

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