Credit Cards

Apply for a New Card
If you are new to DBS/POSB Bank, you can apply for a credit card with us online. For existing customers, application can be made easily via iBanking.
Eligibility for Credit Card Application
You will need to be above 21 years, earn a gross annual income of S$30k if you are a Singaporean, or S$45k if you are a foreigner.
Check Credit Card Application Status
Check your Credit Card application status easily through Phone Banking.
Credit Card Cancellation
You may send the request for Credit Card cancellation through our iBanking Messages function.
Supplementary Credit Card Cancellation
You may send the request for cancellation through our iBanking Messages function.
Pay Credit Card Bills
There are many ways you can pay your credit card bills. The fastest way to make an immediate bill payment to your DBS/POSB Credit Cards is via iBanking.
Payment Cut Off Times
For immediate processing of your Credit Card Payment, use iBanking. You can refer to the cut-off time table in this article for the processing time of other channels.
Recurring Payment via Credit Card
You can apply for a Recurring Bill Payment for selected merchants by filling up this Recurring Payment Form and mailing it to us.
GIRO Application (DBS/POSB Credit Card)
Set up a GIRO arrangement easily via iBanking to manage your Credit Card bill payments.
GIRO Suspension
You can apply for a GIRO Suspension by filling up this GIRO Amendment/Termination Form and mailing it to us.
Terminate GIRO Arrangement
Find out how you can terminate a GIRO arrangement easily using iBanking.
Instalment Payment Plan (IPP)
Apply for instalment payment plans at 0% interest directly at our participating merchants. Otherwise, choose DBS/POSB My Preferred Payment Plan!
View Credit Card Transaction Details
You can simply check your card transaction details via iBanking, digibank and Phone Banking.
One Time Password (OTP) for Online Transactions
Some websites requires a SMS one-time password(OTP). If you have not received it , it may be due to a non-updated mobile number. Refer to this article for assistance!
Declined Transactions
Common issues customers face when their transactions are being declined are due to Non-activation, Insufficient Credit Limit or Incorrect Details inputted. Find out how you can resolve these issues here.
Annual Fee
Refer to our table for the specific amount required to maintain the yearly membership of various Credit Cards we offer!
Late Fee
Late payment charges are levied if the minimum payment is not received on the card account by the payment due date. Refer to our table for the list of charges.
Finance/Interest Charge
Finance charge is calculated daily from the date your transaction(s) until full payment is received, subject to a minimum fee of S$2.50.
Cash Advance Fee
Cash Advance Fee of 6% will be levied on the amount withdrawn per transaction, subject to a minimum of S$15 per transaction.
Check Credit Card Available Limit
You can simply check your Credit Card Available limit via iBanking, digibank and Phone Banking.
Change Credit Limit Permanently
For permanent increase or decrease in credit limit, simply SMS "CLI" to 76060 and we will call you in 3 working days or complete our e-form and mail/fax it to us.
Temporary Credit Limit Increase
You may apply for a temporary credit limit increase here.
Activate New Card
You can activate your new card easily using SMS Banking, iBanking, digibank or at our ATMs.
Link Savings/Current account to your Card
Link your DBS/POSB accounts to your Card by completing our form and mailing it to us.
Lost or Stolen Card
If your card is Lost or Stolen, report it by contacting us immediately at 1800 339 6963 or (65) 6339 6963 from overseas.
Credit Card Replacement
Send us a Card Replacement Request via iBanking Message.
Forget Card PIN
You can request for a new PIN to be mailed to you via iBanking.
Change Card PIN
You can change your PIN at any of our DBS/POSB ATMs.
Enable/Disable Card for Overseas Use
Learn how to enable / disable your card's overseas usage easily via SMS Banking.
Non-Receipt of Card Statements
You may have enrolled to eStatements or your mailing address is not updated in our records.
Retrieval of Card Statements
You can easily retrieve your statements via iBanking.
Understanding Statements
Learn how to interpret the different sections of your statement.
eStatements Enrolment / De-Enrolment
Enrolment & de-enrolment of eStatements can be done easily via iBanking!
Viewing eStatements
Simply log in to iBanking to view your eStatements.
Benefits of Daily$ & Safra$
You can use your Daily$ and Safra$ to make redemptions and offset your transactions.