Disbursement Authorisation

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Getting Started

This form allows you to:

Authorise the Bank to disburse from your POSB Further Study Assist Education Loan

To complete this form, you will need:

Original invoice of payment from the Institution of study, indicating the balance of the course fees unpaid

Please Note:

  • The outstanding balance due on the account has to be paid, before any disbursement can be made
  • Please ensure that the outstanding principle under your Education Loan (if any), when aggregated with the amount to be disbursed does not exceed the approved loan amount for your education Loan. In the event that it exceeds such approved amount, the Bank will reduce the amount of any cashier’s order(s)/Demand Draft to be issued as it deems fit

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Disbursement Instruction

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Please disburse my Education Loan as follows:

Instituition of Study

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Cashier's Order will be issued to the name of Institution of Study as indicated

Mandatory for Monash University

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Personal DetailsEdit

Disbursement InstructionEdit


Terms & Conditions:

By signing and submitting this Disbursement Authorisation Form, I hereby:

  1. confirm my acceptance on the DBS Terms and Conditions Governing POSB Further Assist Education Loan and
  2. irrevocably instruct the Bank to disburse the Education Loan in accordance with this Disbursement Authorisation Form; and
  3. agree fully and completely indemnify the Bank against any losses , costs, charges liabilities, claims, demands, actions, proceedings or expenses(including reasonable legal costs and expenses) which the Bank, its officers, employees and / or agents may sustain or incur in connection with this Disbursement Authorisation Form.

Please accept the terms and conditions