Can NS Give You A Head-Start In Saving For Your Degree?

Can NS Give You A Head-Start In Saving For Your Degree?

While you serve your country, you could very well be saving for your future. If your next phase in life involves a tertiary education, and your NSF life is only two years long, can you realistically save enough for university?

Well, even if your NSF pay isn’t a massive windfall, you can kick-start your savings. This will go well towards incidental expenses when you finally get to university.

Here’s how camp life can save you some money for campus life.

1. Booking Out Doesn’t Mean Spending Out

NS training’s tough, and it’s understandable if you need some means of unwinding.

For many NSFs book-out time means movie time. But think about it, there are so many movies released each week – you’re likely to spend quite a sum if you watched one every week. Netflix or other subscription services are cheaper options. But if there’s the one blockbuster you just have to watch at the cinema, consider looking for discounted tickets at GV cinemas with a DBS/POSB card. And, for an option that costs nothing, why not think about borrowing movies from the library? The NLB has a pretty large lending catalogue of movies. “NLB and Chill” could go a long way to saving some weekend dough.

And if you’re the sort who prefers something more physical rather than watching movies – your camp probably has recreational facilities like a football field and a basketball court so you can enjoy kicking around or shooting hoops with your mates – all without even leaving camp for nights off!

2. Less Hair Today, More Savings Tomorrow

If you’re the sort to spend a big part of your morning tending to your coiffure, life’s about to get a whole lot easier. The BMT haircut is fuss-free, cheap, quick and easy, as the camp barber tallies up recruit after recruit at the same speed as a sheep shearer. But hey, you do get used to it, and it has several advantages: for a start, it’s a much cooler haircut – literally. You’ll feel more wind on your scalp than ever before. Plus, you don’t need hair products, and you might have trouble finishing your shampoo before it’s expiry date! More money saved for being a big man on campus.

3. Fashion Made Impossible: Same Clothes For Every Season!

One of the advantages of being in NS is that you are told what to wear, every day of the week. No need to wake up and ponder over what to wear: It’s either PT kit, vest and slacks, smart fours or full battle order. There’s no guesswork and no strain on the many pockets you have on your uniform because you simply don’t have to spend money on your #OOTD

4. Getting From Point A to Point B

Transport can be expensive in Singapore. If you're an NSF, there are travel concessions you can enjoy, but you’ll probably save more if you’re a ‘stay-in’ personnel during your NS. That’s because you’ll likely be transporting yourself literally on your own two feet - on route marches and ‘topo’ exercises. Come the weekend, buses and trains are your friends - avoid splurging on cabs and Grabs and Ubers.

For days you feel you deserve a Grab/Uber/cab trip home after a tough week of training, look out for promo codes to save on the fare.

5. POSB Save As You Serve (SAYS) Programme

Setting aside some of your pay could be the best tactical move for your money while you serve. POSB SAYS is a programme that lets you set aside a portion of your NS allowance every month for an extra 2% p.a. interest on your monthly savings. This way, you can simply focus on training and spending your book-out time with your loved ones.

With the programme, saving from as little as $50 a month could go a long way in earning some extra interest to help you fund your incidental expenses when you finally get to university.

Find out how much savings you can accumulate with the nifty calculator here!

You can also enjoy up to 2% cash rebate with your SAFRA DBS Debit Card or HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card, as well as privileges at over 3,000 merchants islandwide. At the end of your NS, you’ll be able to withdraw your accumulated NS savings and bring it to university!

Find out more about the POSB SAYS programme here.


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