BMT guide for Singapore NSFs

BMT guide for Singapore NSFs

Article courtesy of The Smart Local and re-published with permission.

Published on 10 November 2017

BMT can be a confusing rite of passage for "Every Singaporean Son". I mean, we all know the basics – meet all your timings, make sure your uniforms are super neat, and don't get caught using your handphone after lights out.

But beyond the obvious, there are some unspoken rules that newbie soldiers might not be familiar with. Don't worry, we've got your back with a handy list of rules that probably aren't in any official guidebook.

1. ALWAYS sign within the box when drawing your rifle

A strange rule in the army is the very, very specific requirement that you "sign within the box" on the form when you draw your weapon from the armoury. All it takes is for one recruit to mess up his signature, and everyone has to line up again to draw their rifles and sign again.

It might seem like a needlessly specific rule, but there's a solid reason – signing within the box ensures that signatures can be identified by computers when scanned.

2. Make sure your ziplock bags are completely airtight and not cloudy

If you've yet to go through BMT, chances are you've never really had to worry about waterproofing everything in your backpack – after all, there's always shelter nearby.

In BMT, specifically field camp, that's not the case. Here, keeping your ziplocked bags of clothes and equipment waterproof is essential. Your sergeants might be strict about it, but believe me, you'll be thankful you have dry clothes to change into during field camp.

3. Never say "huh/what/ya"

This might happen if you say those words.
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"Huh?" is what you might reply when your sergeant asks if you remembered to set your rifle's gas regulator to the number 2 setting. Sure, you've no idea what a gas regulator is, but the proper answer is always "Yes sergeant" or "What is a gas regulator sergeant?"

Remember, you're not a civilian anymore. When speaking to higher-ranking soldiers, end any statement or question with "sergeant" or "sir" (if an officer).

Highly recommended if you want to avoid unnecessary push-ups or sit-ups.

4. Don't let your section down by reporting "sick" when you're not

No matter how on the ball you are, there are times when you'll be tempted to report "sick" with a stomach ache, cold, or the dubiously named "Tekong Cough".

It's an easy way out, but remember that your buddy will probably be left to fend for himself during your absence. And frequently bailing on your buddies won't make you Mr Popular.

5. No matter how tired you are, don't lean on the wall

Not so cool in army.

No matter how tired you are after a route march or trip to the range, you should never be caught leaning on a wall in BMT. It might be a natural thing to do as a civilian, but it looks sloppy when you're in uniform.

Get caught leaning on a wall and you're in for the dreaded "The Wall is Falling" exercise. Basically, your sergeant will *gently* inform you that the wall is "about to fall", and you'll be forced to spend the next few minutes pushing the wall to make sure it doesn't "collapse".

So yeah, stand up straight and don't lean on anything – hey, it's good for your posture too!


Save As You Serve with POSB

Image credit: POSB

Now that you're familiar with these ever-so-important unspoken rules, we're sure your mandatory Tekong vacation will be that much easier.

But if you aspire for something greater than "winning" at BMT, make sure you're a champ at life beyond NS too. Instead of splurging on McSpicies, LAN sessions, and movie tickets, set up a savings plan with POSB Save As You Serve (SAYS) and build up all that allowance while you train in NS.

This specially-for-NSFs savings plan will get you an extra 2% per annum interest rate on your monthly savings contribution for your 2 years in NS - and you can start by saving as little as $50 a month!

Find out how much savings you can accumulate with the nifty calculator here!

Plus, spending with the SAFRA DBS Debit Card or the HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card will give you a 2% cash rebate on all contactless MasterCard® transactions.

Image credit: POSB

Keep working on your savings with POSB, and you'll find that when you're done winning at BMT (and the rest of National Service), you'll be able to win at life outside of NS as well!

Find out more about POSB SAYS here!

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