Investing in Disruptive Impact of a Generation

Investing in Disruptive Impact of a Generation


Over the last decade, consumers have evolved in their spending pattern with the key drivers being the increased digitalization, willingness to pay for ease, attention to personal wellbeing and care for environment. More recently, the Covid-19 pandemic turned the world upside-down triggering reliance on online channels like e-commerce, meal delivery, e-gaming, streaming & digital payments.

In this constantly evolving landscape, Millennials have been identified as the generation at the forefront of change.

So, what is a diversified approach to take advantage of this constantly evolving landscape?

GS Global Millennials Equity Portfolio +++

What are the Key Characteristics of this fund?

  • Sector-agnostic multi-cap portfolio of 40-50 names focused on Millennials influenced convergence of technology and lifestyle
  • Blended approach emphasising on selecting quality names within each of their investment themes
  • Co-managed by a 3-member PM team that is supported by Goldman’s pool of about 80 global equity analysts

Why this Fund? 3 Reasons:

  1. Millennial Managed:  The lead PM Laura Destribats, a Millennial, transitioned their traditional global equity strategy to a Millennial thematic product in 2016.
  2. Multi-theme:  The fund looks at a mix of themes that arise from the tech-enabled consumption habits of the Millennials’ generation.
  3. Consumer Trends Approach:  The fund evolves with the change in the spending pattern of Millennials providing access to evolving consumer spending pattern.

Article credit: Fund Selection Team
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*All investments come with risks and you can lose money on your investment. Invest only if you understand and can monitor your investment. Diversify your investments and avoid investing a large portion of your money in a single product issuer.


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