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0 - 6 years old

The first stage of your child’s development is crucial because it has a direct effect on overall development and a lasting impact on adulthood. Many parents invest in these important early years of development to ensure future success and well-being. Because creating a stimulating environment for your child is vital to building a strong foundation, it can get quite expensive. Here’s a look at some of the potential costs involved.

1Statistics on Infant Care Services for Jan 2015, Early Childhood Development Agency
2Statistics on Child Care Services for Jan 2015, Early Childhood Development Agency
3Source: PAP Community Foundation (PCF)

Average Cost of Pre-school Stage

Infant Care over 1 year


Childcare over 2 years


Kindergarten fee over 3 years


1 supplement over 5 years


Total for 6 years of Pre-school


*Figures are estimates.

Primary School

(7 – 12 years old)

Your child will pick up many new skills during this exciting phase. In addition to academic performance, the 3 essential areas to focus on during these important years are developing physical, social and intellectual skills. While primary school fees are most affordable, the potential costs of nurturing your child’s development outside of former schooling can run quite high.

*Singapore Swimming Academy
2First Kick Academy

Average Cost of Primary School Stage

Basic primary education


Enrichment fees for 2 subjects over 6 years


Group swimming lessons for 1 year


Group taekwondo lessons for 3 years




Secondary School

(13 – 17 years old)

It’s time to take your child’s abilities to the next level as learning gets progressively more independent. Find out what your child truly loves and cultivate their passions with the right courses. Academically, this is an important stage as doing well gives your child the power of choice in the next phase. Depending on your child’s needs and interests, tuition and enrichment classes can potentially get quite expensive.

1The Sunday Times 9 Nov 2014, The Millionaire Tutor by Theresa Tan

Average Cost of Secondary School Stage

Independent School fee for 4 years


Tuition Fee for 1 subject over 4 years


6 Supplementary course over 4 years


Total for 4 years of Secondary School


*Figures are estimates.
Note: Value of supplementary course is based on a child participating in 2 supplementary courses during their school holidays each year.

Tertiary Education

(17 years and above)

The last stage of your child’s development can be the heftiest as this is the time where tuition fees tend to cost the most. Planning for this stage is crucial as the education your child receives will be the first step towards growing his or her career.

High value courses are those that cost significantly more (i.e. veterinary or medical degree)




Average Cost of Tertiary Education (JC Route)

Independent JC school fee for 2 years


Autonomous University for 3 years @ SMU




Average Cost of Tertiary Education (Polytechnic Route)

Polytechnic School fee for 3 years


Private University School Fee (SIM GE) for 3 years





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