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As we progress steadily towards becoming a cashless society, we must continue to impart those same lessons on money management with what is sometimes called “invisible” digital payment methods. This is especially true now during the Covid-19 situation, when cashless transactions (which help us observe better hygiene and minimise physical contact) are becoming even more common and essential.

Enjoy this fun activity with your child to help him/her understand that cashless transactions and payments involve real money too; and that cashless payments can be convenient and hygienic.

Suitable for:

Your 8 – 12-year old

It will take:

Half a day (This is an out-of-home activity which you can spend quality time with your child)

Please prepare:

Printed “What did I tap for?” activity sheet, pencil & eraser

Making cashless payments is the same as spending real money.

How cashless payments can be convenient and hygienic.


The next time your child sees you making a cashless payment, ask whether he/she would like to try doing it as well. Use his/her curiosity at trying something new as an opportunity to help him/her understand new payment methods that will become increasingly common as he/she grows up. Do note that besides letting your child experience the convenience, it is important for you to explain that real money is involved in each transaction.


Once your child is familiar with the basics of how cashless payments work and how he/she can keep track, you can try similar activities with different types of cashless payment methods:

Mobile apps like DBS PayLah!
Transfers like PayNow
Travel passes like EZLink cards

This can help make it clear to your child how different cashless payment methods work and link to each other. (Remember: during these activities, it’s important that you start with small amounts and help your child monitor his/her transactions diligently.)

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