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Alice Shares in Wonderland

Alice falls and falls, and she lands with a thud! She finds herself In a strange new place with friendly faces who need her help. Will she lend a sharing hand to help her new friends?

Teach your little ones about the joys of sharing — whether it's being generous with their money or their toys. As kids learn about empathy, it is also important to teach them about boundaries like sharing within their means. Suitable for kids 4 – 6 years old.

Jill and the Magic Bean

Every morning, Jill heads to the market to get fresh groceries. But on this very day, something catches her eye… A wonderous magic bean! Will she spend the money on food for the family, or will she be enchanted by the magic bean?

This is a tale about learning to spend smart with Jill and the Magic Bean! Suitable for kids 6-12 years old.

Caleb and the Candy Factory

Home to fantastical sweets and marvellous treats, the wonderous Candy Factory has always intrigued the local kids. And just like many, Caleb has always dreamt of exploring its mysterious halls. Now, its doors are finally opening - but only 1 lucky kid will get to tour its grounds! The only way in is with a golden ticket, hidden in one of the many candy bars.

Will Caleb save enough to make his dream come true?

This is a tale about saving smart with Caleb and the Candy Factory! Suitable for kids 8-12 years old.

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