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It’s The Holidays!

Here we are, at the mid-point of the year! If you’re like us – you’re probably looking for things to do in the midst of Singapore’s tightening of Covid-19 restrictions. Well, fret not! This month, we explore different ideas to keep your little ones entertained during the June school holidays. Or take a leaf from Dads Allan Wu and Sheikh Haikel, as they discuss how POSB My Account and other digital tools help their kids grow good saving habits. Who says staying home needs to be boring? Find your own family fun!


Cultivating good saving habits

Join dads Allan Wu & Sheikh Haikel as they discuss how POSB My Account and other digital tools help their kids grow good saving habits.

We think these might help your child develop good habits:

My Account

Cultivate good savings habits from young with the only account that grows with your kid.

Learn more

POSB Smart Buddy

Give allowance and teach your child to save using Smart Buddy.

Learn more

Find the right activity for your child

Choose from over 1,000 enrichment classes, lessons and activities, and enjoy up to 60% off POSB Education Fair 2021 today.

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Not just pocket change: 5 budgeting tips for your teens

Learning to budget starts from managing an allowance. Help your children meet their savings goals with these 5 simple tips!

Work Hard, Play Hard

7 fun and enriching activities to shake off all that extra energy.

Preparing your child for Primary 1?

Here are 5 tips to get your little one ready for a new stage in life.

Thinking about boosting your child’s nutrition?

Start with these five most healthy foods for your growing child!

Fun for The Family While Staying Indoors

Shake off all that extra energy! There’s something for everyone on this list.

6 tips to teach your child about money

Starting the money conversation early and teaching basic money management skills can go a long way in your child’s life.

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For Your Child


Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? And some may say that the best part of growing up is engaging with them, playing an integral part in the people they become. From your baby taking the first steps, to the first day at Primary School, to donning that graduation gown, there is opportunity at every milestone to teach them about financial literacy, and explore education and enrichment options to keep them positively engaged!

Want to find out more about raising a child, particularly on budgeting and financial solutions? Start right here.

Tips to ease into this new phase of life:

Celebrate Your Baby’s Firsts

Celebrate all your baby’s firsts, starting with their first bank account.

5 Money-Saving Tips for New Parents

Trying before you buy, buying only what you need and thinking long-term - these are just a few ways you can maximize your savings with a baby on the way.

How to survive on less sleep as a new parent

New baby = less sleep. But not to worry, there are ways to make things a little better, to keep you and your little one rested and happy.


We think these might be relevant for your newborn:


Celebrate every first with POSB Smiley CDA.

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Kids Protect

Round-the-clock personal accident protection for you little one from just S$0.49 per day.

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MyShield Insurance

Enjoy free health insurance coverage of up to S$50,000 up to 6 months old and discounted premium rates for your child.

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As parents, you know that when your child learns about the value of money, they don’t just develop good savings habits but will be prepared for managing their finances when they grow up. Take a look at some tools on how you can teach your child money management!

Tips on teaching your child money management skills:

5 Tips To Raise Money-Smart Kids

Looking for more ways to keep your kids entertained while at home? Here are some fun daily activities you can do with your kids, while teaching them about the concept of money!

Teach your child money matters

Discover child-friendly lessons that help your kids learn to manage money the smart way.

Life skills to teach your child

You can’t teach your children everything. But you can impart some social skills, self-confidence, time and money management, emotion management and responsibility. These are just some of the life skills to set your kids up for future success.

5 ways to add value to your teens allowance

Teens today have many more reasons to spend money, giving you more opportunities to introduce financial literacy to them. Leverage on tools like PayLah! for them to track their expenditure, analyse spending, enjoy discounts, and more.


We think these might be relevant to help your child make sense of money:

POSB Smart Buddy

Give allowance and teach your child to save using Smart Buddy.

Learn more

My Account

The only account that grows with your kid.

Learn more

PayLah! for everyone in the family

Enjoy effortless payments, transfers and more. This is the app that lets you do it all.

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We know how important education is for your child. In this section, you’ll find out more about the ABCs of your kid’s education, from early childhood, all the way to the school of life. Be it academics or enrichment, you can explore different styles of learning for your child’s holistic growth!

Lessons to impart to your child:

The ABCs of Home-Based Learning

Join The Burrow for access to more exclusive content, financial planning advice and parenting tips!

#BSHARP Protect Your Child Online

As your child begins exploring the internet, not talking about online risks with your child will not make the dangers go away. Share the common watch-outs with your child, to keep them and their information safe online. .

5 Practical Tips To Be A Planeteer

Your child can take baby steps to be a little more eco-friendly! Here are some ways you can set them on the green path.

Help Your Child Handle School Stress

Growing up today has a fair amount of stress. Find out how to identify symptoms of a stressed-out child, and learn how you can help them by injecting a little fun in their lives. After all, a little play never hurt anyone.

Internet Safety For You and Your Kids: 5 Cyber Wellness Tips

The Internet can be loads of fun and a great resource for you and your family. But there is a dark side. (Yikes!) Teach them how to deal with cyberbullying, inappropriate content and potential predators who target children.


We think these might be relevant for your child’s education:

Find the right activity for your child

Choose from over 1000 enrichment classes, lessons and activities!

Learn more

Education Endowments Insurance Plans

Set aside your savings here to fulfil your child’s aspirations.

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For Your Family


Raising a family isn’t easy. As parents, we’re always putting our families first and catering to the needs of each member of the family. Here are content and tips we hope may help make planning for the family a little easier, from holidays to finances.

Where to go? What to bring? Is it safe? We’ve got you covered for your exploration of our island home.

We think these might be relevant in planning your family trips:

Local itineraries with PAssion POSB Debit Card

Enjoy 5% cash rebate & 1-for-1 tickets to selected family attractions and more!

Learn more

TravellerShield Plus

Now with Pre-Existing Medical Condition Benefit so you can enjoy holidays 100%.

Learn more

DBS Visa Debit Card

3% Cashback. Every tap, everywhere, every time.

Learn more

The beauty about the future is that you don’t know what it might bring. But not knowing doesn’t equate to not planning. Find out how you can plan for a brighter tomorrow for you and your family, so your children don’t need to worry in the future.

Content to get your family finances right:

A Future for You & Your Child

Planning for your child’s future shouldn’t mean forgetting about yours. Speak to us about your retirement needs today.

3 reasons why saving for retirement is an act of love

Saving for your retirement is a gift to not only you, but to your kids by giving them room to pursue their dreams and more. .

When’s the right time to think about retirement? Now.

There are many ways to take you to the destination of “enough money” for your retirement. But they boil down to savings, investment and insurance. Find out what works for you based on your objective.

5 things to do before you retire

Get closer to your ideal retirement when you do these before retiring - rank your retirement goals, make necessary lifestyle changes, consider your savings, ask a professional and consider Supplementary Retirement Scheme.

How SRS helps you save for your family

It’s ok to get some help, especially if it’s for your loved ones. Find out how our Supplementary Retirement Scheme can help save for your family.


We think these might be relevant in planning for your family:


An endowment plan that gives you the flexibility to meet your financial goals.

Learn more

Manulife SmartRetire

Take charge of your retirement goals with higher potential returns.

Learn more

RetireReady Plus II

Retirement plan that you can customise to your changing needs.

Learn more

Being a parent means that some things such as efficiency and value for money become more important than before. From weekday meals to weekend activities, here are some articles that’ll cover everything that your family might need on a daily basis.

Smart tips for your family’s daily needs:

More rebates every day

Want more rebates? Enjoy up to 15% cash rebates on dining, transport, groceries and utilities. The POSB Everyday Card – the only card you need for more rebates on daily essentials!

Simplify your life with SimplyGo

Top up at ticketing machines? Try going contactless instead. Less cash withdrawals and more convenient commutes with your POSB and DBS cards? Start today.

Maximise your weekends with DBS Lifestyle App.

Maximise your weekends without maximising your expenses! Once it’s safe to head out again, here are some ways you can save with your POSB and DBS cards!


We think these might be relevant to meet your family’s everyday needs:

POSB Everyday Card

Enjoy up to 15% cash rebates on daily essentials with POSB Everyday Card.

Learn more


Deals For You


Here are some promotions you might be interested in:

Enjoy a POSB parent starter kit when you open a Child Development Account (CDA).


Learn more

Enjoy up to 60% off POSB Education Fair 2021! Ends 31 July 2021.

Learn more

Get a Change Makers STEAM Bundle when you open My Account together with your child online.

Learn more


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