Teach Your Child Money Matters

Habits formed at a young age can stay with us for a lifetime. That’s why it’s important for children to learn as early as possible about how to manage money correctly.

Smiley has created these child-friendly lessons to help you Teach Your Child Money Matters.

Lessons are designed to help them learn through experience; with careful consideration for local needs and the schedules of typically busy Singaporean families in mind.

So pick a lesson and let’s start learning! Be sure to check back regularly as we’ll add new lessons every fortnight.

Lesson 1: Introduce your child to the value of money

Help your child appreciate the value of money by having them earn it instead of just giving it to them. Let’s see how to put this into practice.

Lesson 2: “Mummy/Daddy, how can I buy a house?”

Let us help you answer this potentially tough question, and teach your child an important lesson on smart spending along the way. Let's explore this activity.

Lesson 3: “Why do some people have cars?”

Explore the pros and cons of owning a car - and help your child understand the crucial difference between needs and wants. Let's go.

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