Chinese New Year is almost here! As the whole family gathers to celebrate, there’s also a to-do list that awaits. From packing ang baos, getting your house ready, and preparing meals, there’s much to do before the big day. Things may get a little hectic, but you don’t have to sweat buckets over it.

Just take a look at how the Pos are getting things done this year! They celebrate the same traditions in a different way, and enjoy a hassle-free CNY with their loved ones.

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Preparing for CNY

From getting the food menu settled to packing ang baos, there are different ways to get ready for the celebration. Just choose the one you prefer most.

Getting ready for reunion dinner

Decide what will be on the menu this year, and explore various ways to prepare for reunion dinner. Plus, you get to enjoy rebates across these different ways!

Reunion dinner always entails a long grocery list. You could go to the supermarket to pick out your ingredients, like other years. But for those who want to avoid the queues and juggling multiple shopping bags, you can opt to order your groceries online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Pick your way of preparing for this longstanding tradition, and enjoy rebates either way!

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Thinking to skip the preparation work for reunion dinner this year? Do it differently by ordering your meal in and impress your guests with a ready-made spread!

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Taking your family reunion dinner out of your home? Wherever the Lou Hei’s at this year, enjoy a delicious meal and still get rebates.

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Giving and Receiving ang baos

There’s more than one way to spread well wishes in the family. Celebrate the same love, same traditions, in different ways.

Do you have too little time to withdraw new bank notes and pack the far-too-many ang baos? Try QR Gift this time and bulk load them in batches of 10 to speed up the process! You can reserve your QR Gifts online here.

Cashless giving needs receiving. Now, everyone in the family can simply scan and get their ang bao money right away, instead of having to make a trip to deposit the money. Find out how here.

Want to pack your ang baos with fresh, crisp notes? Reduce the amount of queueing needed by reserving your new notes online and collect them at a branch or pop up ATM near you!

Why not make use of your child’s ang bao money to teach him/her how to save? Consider My Account, a savings account that grows together with their needs at every stage in life. This CNY, your child can also receive an additional S$8 Ang Bao for every S$1,000 deposited!

During CNY

It’s time to celebrate with your family and loved ones, as you go around to share the happiness and prosperity with everyone! Have the flexibility to choose between different options and have a hassle-free CNY.

House visiting

Get the festive celebrations going, as you make your rounds to each house. Discover different ways to get around, with convenient rides and rebates to enjoy.

Rushing between homes, or traveling from one end of Singapore to the other? Take a cab and get rebates to help offset your transport cost.

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Get on board convenient bus and train rides when you bai nian this CNY. Just tap and SimplyGo!

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Having a meal together

Gather round the table for a celebratory meal with your loved ones.

Enjoy a delicious meal amidst the visiting, and get rebates for it too!

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Family Gatherings

Celebrate the season with the ones you love! Take this time in the year to spend some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the festivities differently - CNY is beyond house visiting and snacking!

Fun activities for you this CNY

Have time to spare? Head down to these events and attractions for some festive fun, with exciting activities for the family to enjoy together!

Celebrate with your family at River Hongbao 2020, where you can hunt for zodiac animals, get blessings from the God of Fortune, and immerse yourself in the interactive exhibits that showcase the evolution of angbaos. You can even stand to win up to S$888 daily, and grow your prosperity this CNY! Find out more here.
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Don’t know the Pos yet?

Get to know The Pos, our Singaporean family. The Pos are definitely the life of the party, the chilli padi in your rempah. They are quirky, they are funny, they have drama in their family. Like any family, with more drama, there is more love, more laughing together. Because just like POSB, the Pos always put family first.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

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Whatever You Decide

Grandpa Po

Mari’s payday

Tap and SimplyGo!

The reunion dinner

In or Out?

Oh Mother!

Ang Bao Showdown

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