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What you can expect for your child

Primary school (6 to 12 years old) Smart Buddy Watch and Card, OR
Smart Buddy Card only
Secondary school (13 to 17 years old) Smart Buddy Card only (without watch)

myFirst smartwatch by Oaxis

We have partnered with myFirst to come up with a Smart Buddy Tag that will hold the Smart Buddy Payment Chip. Now your child can enjoy the functionality of a smartwatch and convenience of paying using our POSB Smart Buddy all on his/her wrist!


Smart Buddy Tag


myFirst Fone

To get the myFirst smartwatch and Smart Buddy Tag, you may subscribe to myFirst Stay Connected Plan that offers unlimited GPS tracking, messaging, voice/video call services based on a flat monthly fee OR purchase a myFirst Fone device (R1 or R1s) here.

If you would prefer the POSB Smart Buddy watch for your child

Your child can tap-and-pay with Smart Buddy* in Smart Buddy enabled schools (including selected school canteens, bookshops and general offices), and at any NETS retailers out-of-school.

Apply Now

If you would like the OAXIS watch for your child

Step 1

Apply for Smart Buddy Card

Don’t have a POSB/DBS account for your child yet? Find out more

Step 2

Once you have applied for the Smart Buddy card, you can get your myFirst smartwatch and Smart Buddy Tag by subscribing to myFirst Stay Connected Plan OR purchase a myFirst Fone device here.

Download the full Smart Buddy app user guide

Step 3

Activate your Smart Buddy card through the Smart Buddy app
Then, download the myFirstFone app to activate your myFirst Fone

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