From now until 31 July 2022, receive up to S$40 cash gift or WOGIflex Gift Card when you credit your NS allowance and/or open a DBS Multiplier account with us. T&Cs apply.
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You deserve more as a NSF

As you do your part to secure our nation’s defence, let POSB help you get a head start in securing your financial future. By enlisting in the POSB Save As You Serve (POSB SAYS) programme, you can bundle your DBS Multiplier Account with our debit cards to unlock higher interest rates to accelerate your NS savings!

Earn up to 8x more interest with the Multiplier Account

Multiply your money now with higher interest rate of 0.40% p.a. on the first S$10,000 of your savings. All you need is to salary credit and make retail purchases using PayLah!

SAFRA DBS or HomeTeamNS-Passion-POSB Debit Card

Up to 2% cash rebate with no minimum spend

Everyday Services, All on PayLah!

Get rides, book shows, order food, and pay bills, and much more.

Apply Multiplier online or convert an existing DBS AutoSave/ Multi-Currency Account/ My Account in digibank
Find out more about reinforcing your SAFRA or HTNS membership

Debit Cards Terms & Conditions

Limited to the first 1,000 customers who have submitted the online form and credit their NS allowance for 3 consecutive months. For full terms and conditions, click here.

Visit the NS Portal to change your NS allowance crediting account to your DBS/POSB account.


Keep your NS savings fighting fit!

While saving during NS years may seem like an uphill battle, you’ll be surprised at how much it can all add up to after two years with a Multiplier Account which earns 0.4% p.a. interest with two simple actions.

Here’s how your money will grow, with no minimum balances required.

You can earn higher interest of 0.4% p.a. on the first S$10,000 of your savings when you credit NSF allowance to your DBS/POSB account and use with PayLah! to pay for retail spend, adding up to S$500 or more.


Make your hard-earned money work even harder

William receives S$630 monthly NS allowance credited to his DBS/POSB savings account and has DBS PayLah! Retail Spend of S$100.

With S$5,000 savings in his Multiplier Account and a total eligible transaction of S$730, he qualifies for interest of

  • 0.40% p.a. for the first $10,000 in his Multiplier Account and
  • Prevailing base interest rate for balances above S$10,000.
  • After completing his National Service, William secures a full-time job. He continues to salary credit to POSB, spends with his credit card and sets aside S$100 in a DBS Invest-Saver monthly. His savings in the Multiplier Account earns a higher interest of 0.60% p.a..

Multiplier continues to grow together


Celebrate book-outs with cash rebates

It’s your membership and Debit Card, both in one. Get more out of every dollar you spend with exclusive benefits islandwide.

  • 2% cash rebate on your local MasterCard® contactless transactions
  • 1% cash rebate on online transactions
  • 0.3% cash rebate on all other retail transactions

More card privileges

  • Access to SAFRA or HomeTeamNS Clubhouses & facilities
  • Exclusive handpicked Amazing Treats and Birthday Treats offers
  • Discounted passes to Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark and more

SAFRA DBS Debit Card

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HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card

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Any questions?

  1. What is POSB SAYS?

    POSB SAYS bundles Multiplier Account and SAFRA DBS or HomeTeamNS-Passion-POSB debit card to keep your savings fighting fit on your NSF journey.

  2. Do I need to switch my NS allowance from an existing DBS/POSB savings account to Multiplier Account?

    No. You can continue to credit your NS allowance to an existing DBS/POSB savings account. You only need to deposit your savings in your DBS Multiplier Account, and use PayLah! for pay for any retail purchase to enjoy the higher interest rates on your Multiplier Account balances.

  3. I’m going to serve my NS soon. When should I apply for the Multiplier Account?

    You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for Multiplier Account. You’ll earn interest of 0.40% p.a. when you credit NSF allowance with us and use PayLah! for your retail spend, adding up to S$500 or more monthly. That’s 8X more compared to a regular savings account.

    While waiting for enlistment, you’ll earn 0.30% p.a. on the first S$10,000 of your Multiplier Account savings, with any PayLah! retail spend amount.

  4. Will POSB SAYS benefits end after I complete my NS?

    You’ll continue to earn 0.30% p.a. on the first S$10,000 of your Multiplier Account savings, with any PayLah! retail spend amount.

    Increase your interest rate from 0.30% p.a. to 0.40% p.a., when you credit your income from internships, part-time work or collecting dividends, and together with any Paylah! retail spend (adding up to S$500 or more a month).

    The 2% cash rebate for the qualifying debit cards will continue, so long as you hold either of the debit cards and meet the spend criteria.

  1. Can I open more than 1 DBS Multiplier Account?

    You can only hold 1 Multiplier Account.

  2. When will I receive my interest?

    The interest is credited into your DBS Multiplier Account in 2 parts:

    • Base interest: Credited on the last calendar day of the month
    • Bonus interest (if any): Credited by the 7th working day of the following month
  3. Do I need to close my Multiplier Account after ORD?

    No, you can keep the Multiplier Account and continue to earn bonus interest as long as you fulfil the bonus interest criteria.

    If you do not have income credited to DBS/POSB and are 29 years old and below, you earn 0.3% p.a. on your Multiplier Account balances with PayLah! retail purchase of any amount.

More Multiplier FAQs

  1. Am I eligible for the HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card or SAFRA DBS Debit Card?

    For eligibility requirements, go here to find out more about the HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card, or here for the SAFRA DBS Debit Card.

  2. How do I apply for a HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card or a SAFRA DBS Debit Card?

    Go here to learn more about the application process for the HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card, or here for the SAFRA DBS Debit Card.

  3. Must I link my HomeTeamNS-PAssion-POSB Debit Card or SAFRA DBS Debit Card to my POSB SAYE account?

    No, this is not mandatory. The debit cards only need to be linked to a DBS/POSB Current or Savings Account.

Deposit Insurance Scheme
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors and monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the Supplementary Retirement Scheme are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Retirement Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to S$75,000 for each depositor per Scheme member. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

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