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Prepare for your exams with the PSLE & ‘O’ Level Revision Packs at $88 and $108 respectively, when you use a POSB/DBS card. Learn more

Check out a range of activities awarded with the Flying Cape COVID-preparedness badge – ready to welcome your child back to learning in the classrooms safely. Browse activities

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Online Activities

Architecture and Design Thinking Free Trial
10% off with promo code ‘POSBFC’

Mindfulness and Music
Free trial & 30% off annual prices

Video-based lessons with 88tuition

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Offline Activities

10% off with promo code ‘POSBFC’

Chinese Learning
10% off with promo code ‘POSBFC’

Experiential Learning
10% off with promo code ‘POSBFC’

Growth Mindset and Executive Functioning Skills Trial Class

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Select from a range of activities based on your child’s strengths, interests and learning preferences. Click here to learn about the Multiple Intelligences assessment to discover your child’s SMARTs now!

Word Smart

Hone your child’s competency in reading, writing, using language to express and effectively persuade

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Logic Smart

Build on your child’s ability to make connections and solve problems in Math, at school and in daily life

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People Smart

Let your child gain the confidence and sensitivity to communicate and work well with others

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Self Smart

Help your child to understand his or her emotions and thoughts to develop intra-personal skills

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Body Smart

Refine your child’s motor skills with sports, dance or kinesthetic based activities

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Picture Smart

Strengthen ability to think in pictures visualise the physical world

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Music Smart

Encourage general music appreciation through classes that focus on rhythms, melodies and instruments.

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Nature Smart

Classes for your child to expand their knowledge in scientific studies

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Events and resources

Showcase your child’s creative skills with our very first POSB Smart Buddy Wearable Design Competition! They can get their own Smart Buddy and even win cash prizes, all while getting some hands-on experience in designing. Find out more!

Complimentary resources and workshops for the Smart Buddy competition
Access these resources by Flying Cape and partners, where your child can learn, ideate and create their masterpiece. There are also LIVE workshops covering financial literacy topics and expert ideas on how your child can convert their ideas into reality.

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With you at every step of your parenting journey
Raising a family is never easy, whether you have a toddler, teenager, or both. Explore a world of parenting content and tips at POSB Home, from helping your child make sense of money and enrichment, to holiday and financial planning for the family.

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Heard of Our Exclusive Online Community for Parents?

Join a supportive and positive space for parents to teach, provide and nurture family bonds through events and discussions on family financial planning and parenting tips. Find out more here and join us today!

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