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Reduced risk of exposure to Covid-19 for your child
All featured classes will be held online. This eliminates the risk of exposure and transmission of Covid-19 for your child.

Online Learning

Enhance your child’s learning with video-based materials, adaptive assessments and live classes based on the latest MOE syllabus.
14-day free trial available for new customers!

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by 88tuition

Super Writers™
English Trial Class

Learn useful techniques for Composition writing in the comforts of your home.

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by Flying Cape

Big Magazines

Expand your child's experience with stories from around the world and fun craft activities.

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by Flying Cape

Entrepreneurship Course and Kit

Instil independence thinking and problem-solving skills through

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by Flying Cape

Roblox Design Workshop


Learn the fundamentals of game design and coding

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by Flying Cape


Learn Science though these Lab-in-a-Box kits


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by Flying Cape

Baking Kits


Bring the baking and learning into your homes with these bake-at-home kits.


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by Flying Cape


Our Education Partners

Explore exclusive deals as a DBS/POSB customer on activities offered by our education partners.

The perfect complement to every Singapore student's learning journey with video-based learning materials.

  • Enjoy 10% off regular prices
  • NEW Adaptive assessments + LIVE Lessons
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Flying Cape is an online booking and advisory platform for tuition and enrichment classes in Singapore.

  • Earn 2 CompassPoints for every $1 spent
  • Discover your child's strengths, interests and learning preferences with the Multiple Intelligences assessment. Try it now



Explore useful parenting content at POSB Home, from helping your child learn the value of money, to financial planning tips for the family.

Exclusive Online Community for Parents

The Burrow knows best. Join our safe and supportive community to get exclusive access to handy parenting tips and finance discussion topics as we tackle life’s milestones with you!

Teach Your Child Money Matters

Discover child-friendly lessons that help your kids learn to manage money the smart way.

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