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Help your little ones to adjust back to school and be kept engaged with these out-of-school activities. What’s more, get up to 10% off when you use a POSB/DBS card and apply the promo code “POSBFC”. Browse activities

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Explore a range of online activities while you’re at home! Enter promo code “POSBFC” to enjoy up to 25% off. Browse activities

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Learn unplugged

Has your child been getting too much screen-time? Fret not! Learning continues unplugged with learning kits and books across academic and enrichment topics.

Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

Tinkering Kits
Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

Craft Kits

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Pick up new skills

How about taking a break from the curriculum after a stressful week in school? Inspire your child to pick up new skills, with a range of unique activities.

Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

STEM Activities
Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

Life Skills
Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’


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Revise the curriculum

Try out online supplementary lessons by experienced tutors and revision packs for your child to keep up with the school curriculum.

Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

Online lessons and assessments
Up to 10% off with ‘POSBFC’

PSLE Exam Techniques

PSLE & ‘O’ Level Revision Packs by 88tuition

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Events and resources

Showcase your child’s creative skills with our very first POSB Smart Buddy Wearable Design Competition! They can get their own Smart Buddy and even win cash prizes, all while getting some hands-on experience in designing. Find out more!

Complimentary resources and workshops for the Smart Buddy competition
Access these resources by Flying Cape and partners, where your child can learn, ideate and create their masterpiece. There are also LIVE workshops covering financial literacy topics and expert ideas on how your child can convert their ideas into reality.

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With you at every step of your parenting journey
Raising a family is never easy, whether you have a toddler, teenager, or both. Explore a world of parenting content and tips at POSB Home, from helping your child make sense of money and enrichment, to holiday and financial planning for the family.

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Heard of Our Exclusive Online Community for Parents?

Join a supportive and positive space for parents to teach, provide and nurture family bonds through events and discussions on family financial planning and parenting tips. Find out more here and join us today!

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