How to be a d2Pay Merchant

Are you always on the look out for ways to harness the power of e-commerce to increase your sales? Well, look no more. Our d2pay (direct debit payment) system is so convenient and easy for your customers to use, it will be hassle-free shopping for them if you use d2pay. And they will keep coming back to you.

What can it do for you?

24 Hour Access
DBS d2pay is Internet-based and buyers can make payments anytime, anywhere. With no boundaries, DBS d2pay helps get sales going fast.

Online Payment Gateway
The status of transactions are updated immediately. The buyer's account is debited immediately and your account credited the next business day automatically. This helps you manage your company's account receivable much better, and gives you a better cash flow position.

A Secure Gateway
DBS d2pay uses high-security industry-standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to ensure maximum data protection.

Eliminate risk of chargeback.
Unlike credit card payments, d2Pay transactions are not exposed to chargeback risks.

Convenience to buyers
There is no income requirement for the buyer. All he needs is just a DBS or POSB savings/current account. There are also no subscription or transaction fees imposed on buyers, and this gives buyers more incentives to use d2pay.

How does it work?
DBS d2pay lets buyers pay their merchants through the Internet. To do this, the merchant's site must be connected to DBS via DBS d2pay. The buyer's accounts with DBS will be debited immediately once the transaction is confirmed. Both merchants and buyers are informed of the transaction status immediately after the bank has processed the payment instructions. You will also get day-end electronic reports of intra-day transactions.

Merchant Sign-up
Email us at for more details on how to integrate your site to our payment gateway.