Electronic Shares Application (ESA)

General FAQs

  1. What do I need to apply for shares via DBS iBanking?

    You need the following to get started:

    • Own a personal or joint-alternate DBS or POSB Savings, Current or AutoSave account.
    • Have access to DBS iBanking. If you are not an existing DBS iBanking user, you can get your User ID and PIN instantly at any DBS/POSB ATMs.
    • You must be at least 21 years old
    • You must be a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or a foreigner currently residing in Singapore
    • Have your own CDP Securities Account
    • Your mailing address in our Bank's record must be a valid Singapore mailing address

  2. How do I apply for securities via DBS iBanking?

    After you have logged on to DBS iBanking, simply follow these steps:

    • Select "Electronic Shares Application" under the "Invest" tab on the top navigation.
    • Click on the securities counter you wish to apply for.
    • You are advised to read the Prospectus carefully. You may also download the Prospectus if you wish.
    • Enter your application details and click "Next" to proceed.
    • Check that your details are correct, and click "Submit" to confirm your application.
    • The cash amount is then debited online from your selected bank account.

  3. Can I apply for securities via DBS iBanking while I am overseas?

    Yes. As long as you observe and comply with all the laws and regulations of Singapore and those of the country that you are in at the point of application, and your mailing address for DBS iBanking is in Singapore.

  4. Can I use iBanking to make multiple IPO applications?

    For Fixed Price Securities, each individual is allowed only ONE application for each issue and this holds true whether you apply though iBanking, the ATM or use an application form. Multiple fixed-price applications will be rejected.
    For Tender Price Securities, each individual is allowed only ONE application at each selected tender price. However, he/she can make multiple applications at different tender prices.

  5. What are the charges for Electronic Shares Application via DBS iBanking?

    For each share application submitted via DBS iBanking, there is a S$2.00 charge.

  6. Is Electronic Shares Application through DBS iBanking available 24 hrs a day?

    Yes, it is, during the share issue period.

  7. Can I withdraw an Electronic Shares Application after I have submitted it via DBS iBanking?

    You may only withdraw an Electronic Shares Application only if there is a supplementary prospectus issued after your application. You may withdraw the application using the "Withdraw Electronic Shares Application (ESA)" service.

  8. How can I find out the results of my Electronic Shares Application?

    Yes, you may enquire on your results using the "View Electronic Shares Application (ESA) Results" service. This service may be accessed from the following:

    • Step 1: Select "More Investment Services" under the "Investment" tab of the top navigation.
    • Step 2: Under the "Manage Investments" category, select "View Electronic Shares Application (ESA) Results".
  9. If I am unsuccessful in the Electronic Shares Application, when will my money be refunded?

    For unsuccessful or partially successful applications, your application money will be refunded automatically to you into your DBS or POSB account by the third working day after the electronic balloting.