Manage Alerts

General FAQs

  1. How do I change my address?

    This service allows you to manage alerts, in order to receive email and SMS notifications about your iBanking account and other transactions.

  2. What alerts can I manage?

    You may manage alerts for your:

    • iBanking Transaction Alerts
      1. Personal Account
      2. Funds Transfer and Payments
    • Other Banking Transaction Alerts
      1. ATM and Banking Services
  3. How do I do this?

    To manage alerts, follow the below steps.

    • Step 1: Select “Manage Alerts”, which can be found under the “Preferences” menu.
    • Step 2: Decide which alerts you wish to receive, as well as the minimum threshold if required. Click “Next” to continue.
    • Step 3: Verify the changes that you have made, and click “Submit”.
  4. How long will it take before my Alerts are updated?

    For iBanking transactions, your new alert settings will be updated immediately. For other banking transaction alerts, your new alert settings will be updated on the next business day.