Set Favourite Accounts

General FAQs

  1. What does this do?

    This service allows you to choose your favourite accounts that you wish to see on the Home Page.

  2. How does this work?

    By selecting the accounts you wish to view on the Home Page, you can have an easy overview of your account information at a glance, without utilising your iB Secure Device.

  3. How do I set favourite accounts?

    You can do so by following the below steps:

    • Step 1: Select “Preferences” on the top right hand corner on the iBanking platform.
    • Step 2: Select “Set Favourite Accounts” on the dropdown menu.
    • Step 3: Proceed to choose which accounts you would like to see listed on the Home Page. Click “Submit” to continue.
  4. I want to see all my accounts on my Home Page. Can I do this?

    Yes. Simply unselect any accounts you may have previously selected under this service to have an overview of all your accounts.