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Why do you need an Education Endowment Insurance Plan?

Besides helping you set aside your savings, an education endowment insurance plan can offer you the following benefits:

Grow your savings

Education endowment insurance plans typically helps you save in a disciplined way. They can also help offset some of the cost of inflation when your child is ready to embark on tertiary education.

Low commitment

Compared to many endowment plans, education endowment insurance plans typically have a payment period of 10 years. So if you invest in a plan when your child is a newborn, you will be financially ready to support your child’s education way ahead of time. So it’s better to start saving early because your premiums will be lower as there’s a longer accumulation period.

Peace of mind

Your child’s education should continue, even if an unfortunate event happens to you. An education endowment insurance plan can cover you against events such as Death and Terminal Illness. And, based on the riders you choose – to complement your plans – you can get your premiums waived in the event of an unforeseen incident. This will ensure that your child’s education fund will remain intact.

Help your child fulfil his or her aspirations today with our endowment plans.


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