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Coverage against cyber-bullying

Offers financial help for trauma counselling, legal consultation and action, IT and tech support and immediate needs.

Insurance for online identity theft

Covers expenses resulting from a loss in income, legal consultation and action, IT and tech support, and immediate needs, for you and your family.

Dedicated hotline and expert assistance

Tech experts are on 24-hour standby to give you much-needed guidance. You’ll also have access to Chubb’s appointed panel for legal advice, as well as specialists for counselling – all arranged to help parents and children better prepare against online threats.

Don’t let online trolls, bullies and identity thieves deter your children from using the web. With CyberSmart, a holistic insurance plan underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited, you can keep your whole family safe from the costly consequences of such online threats. You spare no effort to protect your loved ones in life. Now you can do the same for them online.


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Features and Benefits

    Sum Insured
    Classic Plan Premier Plan

Legal Expenses

Complimentary legal consult (up to 1 hour)

Engaging legal advice from Chubb's appointed legal panel in respect of the incident

Applicable for both Cyber-Bullying and/or Identity Theft

S$10,000 S$25,000


IT/Tech Support

Access to 24-hour IT/Tech hotline (up to 1 hour)

Qualified experts to resolve or minimise the extent of the incident

Applicable for both Cyber-Bullying and/or Identity Theft

Complimentary Complimentary

Trauma Counselling Expenses

Complimentary initial counselling* session (up to 1 hour)

Further counselling* sessions provided by qualified specialists up to policy limit

Applicable for Cyber-Bullying only

* Counselling to be provided by a Doctor, a Registered Psychiatrist or a Registered Psychologist from Chubb's approved provider(s)

S$1,000 S$2,000

Loss of Income

Loss of personal income due to time taken off from work to restore and/or rectify records of your identity

Applicable for Identity Theft only

S$1,000 S$2,000

Additional Expenses

Reimbursement of approved expenses incurred as a result of the incident

Applicable for both Cyber-Bullying and/or Identity Theft

S$1,000 S$2,000

Frequently Asked Questions

CyberSmart is an innovative insurance product that provides professional assistance and support in the unfortunate event of cyber-bullying and/or online identity theft.

CyberSmart offers coverage against 1) cyber-bullying, and 2) online identity theft.

Cyber-bullying is any act of harassment or intimidation, including defamation of character, invasion of privacy, or threats of violence, committed against you online via an electronic device.

It is the theft of personal information or documents (stored online or in an electronic device) by a third party for the purpose of obtaining goods, money or services.

Depending on the incident, it will provide you with access to one or more, as deemed appropriate, of the following services from Chubb's panel of providers:

  1. Legal consult; and/or
  2. IT/Tech support; and/or
  3. Initial counselling session

Additionally, where appropriate and in accordance with the policy terms and conditions, you will be given access to legal advice and/or trauma counselling by Chubb's panel of providers, up to the policy limits.

You will also be reimbursed, up to the policy limits and where appropriate, for additional expenses incurred by you as a result of cyber-bullying and/or online identity theft, and any loss of income suffered by you when rectifying online identity theft.

Yes, the policy limits are shared between cyber-bullying and online identity theft.

No, the policy limits apply in aggregate. The maximum coverage provided for any benefit in a 12-month period is the limit stated in the policy schedule, regardless of whether you have an annual policy or a monthly policy. Notwithstanding that there may be multiple events during the 12-month period, the maximum aggregated payment by your policy is the limit specified in your policy schedule.

You can choose to pay monthly, or annually, by credit/debit card (Visa and MasterCard).

Yes, you can. CyberSmart is offered as an individual policy or a family policy. Under a family policy, your spouse/partner, dependent children up to 21 years of age and parents residing with you, will be covered.  

Both the Classic Plan and the Premier Plan offer individual and family policies, the latter having higher policy limits.

Benefit limit is based on an annual basis. For an individual policy, benefit limit is applicable to the policyholder only; and for family policy, benefit limit is shared in aggregate between the policyholder, the spouse/partner, dependent children and parents of the policyholder.

To be eligible, applicants must be:

  1. Singapore residents; and
  2. 18 years old or above.

All dependent children up to age 21 who reside with you can be covered under the family policy.

All CyberSmart policyholders are entitled to a free 12-month anti-virus software subscription (limited to one device per policy). The anti-virus software scans your device for potential online identity theft and phishing scams, blocks fraudulent websites, enables browsing without being tracked, and safeguards your privacy on social media. The subscription is linked to the policy and is subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Should you cancel your policy, and your anti-virus software has not been activated, you would have up to 60 days from the effective policy cancellation date to activate the anti-virus software. If the anti-virus software is not activated within the next 60 days, we reserve the right to revoke the free subscription.

Yes. All personal details and medical and/or legal reports obtained will be kept secure. For the purposes of assessing your claim, the legal or medical reports produced by Chubb's panel of providers will be provided to Chubb following their consultations with you.

Yes. You are entitled to a free look period of 14 business days. Should you decide not to continue with the policy, you can cancel it within this period and the premium will be refunded to you, provided that you have not made a claim.

You could revise your plan by calling the Chubb customer service. However, please note that any revision will be subject to approval and may require you to pay an additional premium. You will not be allowed to revise your plan if a claim was made.

Yes. You can cancel your policy at any time by giving at least one month’s prior notice to Chubb.

There will be no cancellation charges. If you had chosen the annual payment option, any unused premium paid by you will be refunded to you, provided that you have not made a claim. There will be no refund for premiums that are paid monthly.

No. CyberSmart is available to residents of Singapore only.

No. This is a personal cyber policy that covers you against incidents targeted at you. It does not cover any loss caused by a mass, coordinated effort by a domestic or international actor intending to affect a large number of software or hardware users or members of a class or group.

How to Claim

You can submit your claim via the Chubb Assist hotline at +65 6322 2136, with the exception of claims for additional expenses and loss of income. Such claims are to be submitted directly to

Prior to contacting Chubb Assist to make a claim, you must report the cyber-bullying incident or online identity theft to the Singapore Police Force (“SPF"). You may file an online report on SPF website.

For additional expenses or loss of income claims, click here to download and complete the claim form.  

Upon receiving your claim and all supporting documentation, assessment will begin and can be finalised within 5-7 business days. 

Once your claim is accepted, you will be reimbursed via cheque or bank transfer within the next 5-7 business days.

The above applies only to additional expense and loss of income claims.

Contact Us

  • Call Chubb’s Customer Service Hotline at +65 6398 8797 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm, excluding Public Holidays) or via email at

Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance.

Click here for full Terms and Conditions Governing Purchase of Insurance Products from Chubb Insurance via the DBS website.

CyberSmart is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited (“Chubb”) and distributed by DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”). It is not an obligation of, deposit in or guaranteed by DBS. This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance are provided in the policy wordings and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by Chubb.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation ("SDIC"). For more information on the scheme, please visit the General Insurance Association or SDIC websites.



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