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Here’s a plan that gives in more ways than one. Not only does ManuProtect MoneyBack keep you protected, it pays you what you put in. Upon maturity, you will receive the full amount of your total premiums paid1.


Features & Benefits

  • Receive 100% of Sum Insured plus total premiums paid in the event of Death, Terminal Illness2, or Total and Permanent Disability3 during the policy term
  • Double the protection in the event of Accidental Death4 with 200% of Sum Insured plus total premiums paid
  • Choice of policy term of 15, 20, 25 or 30 years to suit your needs
  • Premiums are fixed for the entire policy term
  • Simplified underwriting

This plan can help you with these possible needs:


Protect myself


Total and permanent disability protection



How to Apply

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1 Total premiums paid without interest, less any amount owing to Manulife.
2 Terminal Illness (TI) is defined as an illness, which in the opinion of a medical examiner and on agreement of our appointed medical examiner, is likely to lead to death within 12 months from the date of diagnosis.
In the event of TI during the policy term, the Death Benefit will be advanced in a lump sum.
The maximum amount which Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“Manulife”) will pay for TI claim(s) (aggregating all policies which Manulife is liable for on the same life) is S$1 million. Further, the maximum amount which Manulife will pay for TI and Critical Illness (CI) claim(s) in total (aggregating all policies which Manulife is liable for on the same life) is S$2 million.
Accumulated Reversionary Bonus (if any) and/or Claim Bonus (if any) are included in determining the TI limit or TI/CI limit of S$1 million and S$2 million respectively. Please refer to the Product Summary for more details.
3 TPD Benefit will be payable in one lump sum in the event of TPD before the Policy Anniversary immediately after the 70th birthday of the Life Insured. The disability must last for a minimum period of 6 consecutive months before a claim can be admitted. The maximum disability claim inclusive of all other Policies issued by the Manulife (or policies which Manulife is otherwise liable for) on the same life is S$2 million. Please refer to the Product Summary for details.
4 200% of Sum Insured for Accidental Death is only payable before age 80 of the Life Insured while the policy is in-force. If Accidental Death occurs after age 80, the total premium(s) paid plus the basic Sum Insured will be payable in a lump sum. Please refer to the Product Summary for details.

Information is correct as at 11 April 2016.

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