Unit Trusts

Investing in Unit Trust via CPF/SRS

Make your CPF and/or SRS work harder for you by investing in unit trusts to grow your savings!

Investing in Unit Trust via CPF/SRS

Let your CPF or SRS account generate more than 0.05% interest p.a. Be a smart investor simply by growing your savings in unit trusts.

Now use your SRS or CPF Investment Scheme - Ordinary Account and Special Account to invest in Unit Trusts for greater potential returns and a more secured retirement.

Benefits of Investing in Unit Trust

  • Flexibility and customization : You can select a fund or a combination of funds to cater to your specific investment goals and tolerance for risk.
  • Increased Access : Through unit trusts, you can invest in securities that you may be unable to access as an individual investor.
  • Professional management : Funds invested in unit trusts are managed by professional fund managers and analysts. You can therefore benefit from their expertise and full time attention to investing the funds.
  • Ease of transaction : Buying and redeeming unit trusts is simple and convenient. You can get updated values of the price of your unit trust from DBS bank website or the newspapers. Most unit trusts in Singapore allow daily buying and selling of funds.

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