Making Our Mark

Huiwen and Kenneth wanted share their neighbourhood story through art. To celebrate Singapore's multi-cultural tapestry, they invited their neighbours from Hougang to leave their thumbprints and art in clay tiles. These tiles will then be put together to form a mosaic forming a tembusu tree which represents the life and harmony that breathes within their community. This art installation will soon rise in its permanent home in the Hougang Community park in the first half of 2016 as part of the renovation.

Visit the "Making Our Mark" Exhibition

The art project will take the form of a roving exhibition in an effort to reach out to other neighbourhoods.
Library@chinatown - 27th November to 16th December, 2015
Jurong Regional Library - 17th December 2015 to 6th January, 2016
Cheng San Public Library Hougang - 7th January to 30th January, 2016

Behind the Project

Collecting the Tile Artworks from Neighbourhood

To invite their neighbours to take part in the project, Kenneth and Huiwen held clay art workshops around Hougang. More than a thousand people, from kids to pioneers, attended the workshops and placed their own marks on the tiles. From their thumbprints, to icons, different shapes, and landmarks, each neighbour shared memories and stories through these small artworks.

Meet Some of the Artists

Here are some the neighbours who took time to share their stories and art! You might recognize some of them!

The Tile Artworks Up-Close

It may be a Tembusu tree from a distance but up-close, each tile is an artwork of its own. Here are some of the mini masterpieces by the people of Hougang.