Pasar People

Pasar. It's in every neighbourhood, unique to each neighbourhood's charm. Gamar and her team see the space as a melting pot of people, languages, and cultures. And seek to tell their stories. Follow the journey into three distinctive pasars where neighbours become friends, and customers turn into family.


In the quiet town of Bangkit, one space has been getting increasingly popular. Two neighbours-turned-friends give us a glimpse of their pasar where their friendship is forged. Breakfast rituals, wet marketing techniques, the two ladies share them all.

Geylang Serai

Organised chaos describes Geyland Serai market. Yet amidst daily pandemonium and usual chatter, romance blossoms and friendship strengthens. Here, a Burmese could be shopping alongside an African, an Indonesian fighting over the same chicken with a Vietnamese. This is where the regulars call, the United Nations.

Tekka Walk

The hawkers at Tekka Walk know a thing or two about winning customers. Satisfied shoppers are proof that their tactics work. Discover the works at Tekka and meet the youngest fishmonger in Singapore.


Different family dishes passed on from one generation to another. A cook book that not just shares family recipes, but also the stories that go with the different flavours of each dish.

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