This promotion has ended. Please note that the fulfilment of rewards has been delayed, and will be credited by mid April to eligible customers

It’s time to take on a new adventure with PayNow! Earn up to S$25 when you set up your PayNow profile with POSB and complete these actions:

Action Reward Month Cap
Register Mobile S$5 7 Oct to 31 Dec First 8,000 users
Register NRIC/FIN S$5 7 Oct to 31 Dec First 8,000 users
Receive 1 Inward Payment per month via PayNow S$5 7 Oct to 31 Oct First 3,000 users
S$5 1 Nov to 30 Nov First 3,000 users
S$5 1 Dec to 31 Dec First 3,000 users
Total S$25*

*T&Cs apply.

Whether it’s receiving money from friends and families, or receiving payouts from Government entities and Businesses, it’s much faster with PayNow. Splitting bills with your friends? Simply tell them to transfer you via your mobile number. Or, you could even request your company to credit your salary via NRIC/FIN, so you can stack up your rewards effortlessly upon registration!

Features of PayNow

Instant Transfer to NRIC/FIN, Mobile Number, UEN or VPA


24/7 availability


Safe and Secure



Get started with PayNow, and enjoy more rewards with us!

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How to Check if You’re Already Registered

Check your PayNow Profile instantly via POSB digibank!

View via digibank Mobile

Step 1: Launch your digibank mobile app, tap on PayNow and log in with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
Step 2: Tap on Your Profile.
Step 3: You will be able to see the mobile number and/or NRIC/FIN number linked to your PayNow profile.

Get the latest digibank Mobile App now!


View via digibank Online

Step 1: Log in to digibank Online with your User ID & PIN and complete the authentication process.
Step 2: Under Transfer, select To PayNow (Mobile Number, NRIC or UEN).
Step 3: Under My Registrations, you will be able to see the linked mobile number and/or NRIC/FIN number.


How to Register for PayNow

You can now register simply by sending us an SMS or by logging on to digibank!

Register on Mobile - digibank app

Step 1: Launch digibank and log in
Step 2: Tap on <Pay & Transfer>
Step 3: Tap on <PayNow>
Step 4: Tap on <Your Profile>
Step 5: Tap on <Register Your Mobile No.>
Step 6: Enter your preferred nickname and account that will link with your PayNow
Step 7: Review information and tap on <Register Now>

Register on Desktop - Online Banking

Step 1: Log in to online banking
Step 2: Go to 'Transfer - To Mobile Number or NRIC (PayNow)'
Step 3: Click on 'My Registrations'
Step 4: Click on 'Register my Mobile Number' or 'Register my NRIC / FIN'

Register via SMS

Simply send an SMS in the following formats to register:

Register your NRIC with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 in this format:

PayNow<space>register<space>NRIC<space>your preferred bank account’s* last 4 digits<space>your preferred nickname to 77767
e.g. Paynow register nric 7890 Adeline

Register your mobile number with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 in this format:

PayNow<space>register<space>mobile<space>your preferred bank account’s* last 4 digits<space>your preferred nickname to 77767
e.g. Paynow register mobile 1234 Belinda

Note: We do not require your actual NRIC or mobile number in your SMS to 77767.
E.g. S1234567Z or 91234567

^ Before registering, please ensure your mobile number has been updated with the bank. To register your mobile number with us, you can login to POSB digibank or visit any POSB Branch. If you do not have an iBanking account, register here.

* Your preferred account is the primary current/savings personal account that will be used to receive funds for PayNow through your NRIC or mobile number.

Register now

For full Terms and Conditions for POSB PayNow, click here

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