Less Waiting, More Getting Paid with PayNow

As announced on 28 September, all Singaporeans will receive their SG Bonus earlier if they register their NRIC with PayNow by 7 November 2018! This means, not only can you send and receive money from friends, you can also receive payments from companies and government agencies!

How much SG Bonus am I eligible for?

Singaporeans aged 21 years and above in 2018
Assessable Income* for YA2017
Up to $28,000 $28,001 to $100,000 Above $100,000
$300 $200 $100

*Note: Individuals who own more than one property are eligible for SG Bonus of $100.

What is the SG Bonus payment date for PayNow?

Payment Mode Date you will receive SG Bonus
PayNow (linked to NRIC) 30 November 2018
Direct Bank Crediting 10 December 2018
Cheque 20 December 2018

Source from Singapore Budget.

Hurry! Register your NRIC with PayNow now!

Register Now

For the 3 months of October to December 2018, we are giving away S$100 to 3 lucky winners daily!

On top of this, we are giving away S$10,000 to 1 lucky winner monthly if you are registered on PayNow. It’s too good a deal to miss!

Increase your chances of winning to 8X just by registering both NRIC and Mobile

Here's how it works!

Register using your Number of Chances
Mobile No.
Mobile no. + NRIC/FIN

Register Now

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

^Existing PayNow registrants will automatically qualified for the draw.

Benefits of using PayNow

Endorsed by the Association of Banks of Singapore (ABS)

With a one-time set-up you enjoy the convenience of not needing to use account numbers for funds transfers

Pay and Receive funds from anyone instantly, anytime anywhere*

Learn more

*For 9 participating banks only

How to Register

You can now register simply by sending us an SMS or by logging on to digibank!

Register via SMS

Simply send an SMS in the following formats to register:

Register your NRIC with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 in this format:

PayNow<space>register<space>NRIC<space>your preferred bank account’s* last 4 digits<space>your preferred nickname to 77767
e.g. Paynow register nric 7890 Adeline

Register your mobile number with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 in this format:

PayNow<space>register<space>mobile<space>your preferred bank account’s* last 4 digits<space>your preferred nickname to 77767
e.g. Paynow register mobile 1234 Belinda

Note: We do not require your actual NRIC or mobile number in your SMS to 77767.
E.g. S1234567Z or 91234567

^ Before registering, please ensure your mobile number has been updated with the bank. To register your mobile number with us, you can login to POSB digibank (online and mobile banking) or visit any DBS Branch. If you do not have an iBanking account, register here.

* Your preferred account is the primary current/savings personal account that will be used to receive funds for PayNow through your NRIC or mobile number.

Register on Mobile - digibank app

Step 1: Log in to digibank app
Step 2: Go to 'Transfer/PayNow'
Step 3: Click on 'Register PayNow'
Step 4: Click on 'Register my Mobile Number’ or 'Register my NRIC / FIN'

Register on Desktop - Online Banking

Step 1: Log in to online banking
Step 2: Go to 'Transfer - To Mobile Number or NRIC (PayNow)'
Step 3: Click on 'My Registrations'
Step 4: Click on 'Register my Mobile Number' or 'Register my NRIC / FIN'


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