Save regularly with Smiley Stamps!

Simply sign up for POSB Smart Buddy to get started.

POSB Smart Buddy is the world’s first in-school savings and payments wearable on your child’s wrist. It lets your child tap to pay in school and at selected merchants, check on balances, and track fitness levels. All with a tap on the terminal or a simple push of a button.

Paired with a mobile app, you can instantly increase allowance, manage your child's finances and encourage smart living and saving habits. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, encourage your child to go cashless to minimise contact risk.

Encourage your child to save regularly with Smiley Stamps today!

Step 1

Sign up for POSB Smart Buddy.

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Step 2

Your child may tap his/her Smart Buddy at the school bookshop to get Smiley Stamps for S$0.50 each.

Note: Your child’s school bookshop must be part of Smart Buddy Participating Schools.
View list here.

The stamp(s) will be updated as ‘Stamp Savings’ on Smart Buddy Mobile App.

Step 3

Simply complete 1 Smiley Savings Card (i.e. 20 stamps) in the calendar month to receive a 10% bonus or S$1 Bonus Dollar. Total Stamp Value and S$1 Bonus Dollar* will be credited to your child’s account by 15th of the subsequent month.


  1. The total Stamp Value will be credited into the linked bank account (i.e. parent’s) if there is no linked child’s account.
  2. S$1 Bonus Dollar will only be rewarded if there’s at least 1 completed Smiley Savings Card and an active child’s account is linked with Smart Buddy.

Terms and conditions apply.

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