Join the Baby Bonus Scheme

Join the Baby Bonus Scheme by logging in with your Singpass to MSF's Baby Bonus Portal.

Either parent may join the scheme at MSF's Baby Bonus Portal with his/her Singpass.

Both parents will have to agree on the person (either parent and/or a third party) to:
  • Receive the cash gifts (as a Nominated Bank Account Holder).
  • Manage the Child Development Account (as a CDA trustee).
  • The Cash Gift bank account holder and CDA trustee can be the same person or different persons. The CDA trustee has to be above the age of 18 and not a bankrupt.
  • You may submit the form as early as 8 weeks before the child is born (Estimated Date of Delivery) or after the birth registration.
  • If your child was born overseas/adopted, you may submit the form after the citizenship/adoption process.
  • If you are applying for your unborn child, please proceed only if you have a valid marriage certificate.
  • If you were married overseas, please proceed only if your child has received his/her birth certificate.
Get ready the following documents to complete the application:
  • Bank Account Holder’s Account Details to receive the cash gift.
  • Personal particulars of the Bank Account Holder and CDA Trustee, if they are a third party (i.e. not the child’s parent).
  • Marriage Certificate (as required).
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