Activate POSBkids Account

Activate your POSBkids Account online once you received your POSB Child Development Account (CDA) welcome letter.

A Joint-Alternate POSBkids Account will be automatically open with each opening of CDA (including CDA transferred from other banks) unless the child already has a POSBkids Account with the trustee.

To activate the POSBkids Account:
  • Enter the Trustee's (Parent/Third Party) existing account number in Section A.
  • The POSBkids Account will be automatically enrolled with eStatement if the trustee has iBanking and a valid email address with the bank.
  • The POSBkids Account will be automatically closed after 100 days if it is not activated.
  • For new-to-bank customer's, visit Any POSB/DBS Branch to activate the POSBkids Account.

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