Check Remit Status

You can check the status of your overseas funds transfer easily via Remit Tracker and DBS digibot.

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Important information

  • Overseas Funds Transfer will generally be completed within 2 to 4 working days.
  • Do note that remittances received over the weekend or public holiday of the receiving bank will only be credited on the next business day.

Track the status of your remittance via Remit Tracker

With Remit Tracker on digibank mobile, you can easily track the status of your remittance to various countries.

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • China (CNY transfers to DBS China accounts only)
  • Indonesia (IDR transfers to DBS Indonesia accounts only)
  • Vietnam (VND transfers to DBS Vietnam accounts only)

How to check status of remittance

There are various channels which you may check status of remittance with us. The most convenient method would be via digibank mobile.

Remit Tracker

Follow the steps below to access to Remit Tracker via digibank mobile:

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Step 1
Log in to digibank mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
Step 2
Tap on Pay & Transfer followed by the Overseas icon.
Step 3
Tap on Recent Tab to view status of your remittance.

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Learn more about the various DBS Remit Tracker statuses

  • Processing: Your DBS Remit request is being processed by DBS
  • Sent: Your DBS remit request has been processed locally and will be sent to your recipient’s location for our local partner’s processing.
  • Completed: Based on your DBS Remit request, funds have been either credited into the recipient’s account or received by your recipient’s bank.
  • Unsuccessful: Funds transfer did not go through successfully and funds will be returned to your bank account. Unsuccessful funds transfer reason is as provided by Recipient or local partner at recipient’s location.
Enquire the status of your remittance immediately via DBS digibot.

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