Mobile Banking Security Tips

Learn how you can protect your banking profile when using mobile devices by following our useful tips.

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  • Be careful of suspicious links
    Malware (malicious software) is usually spread through text messages, emails or websites designed to lure victims into clicking on suspicious links.
    TIP: If you wish to visit a webpage, it is safer to type the URL on the address bar of your browser than to click on it from an email or another site.

  • It is better to be safe than sorry. Practice these security measures when installing apps (applications) / software on your device:
    • Only install apps that are downloaded from official app stores. Unofficial app stores may carry malicious apps. Examples of official app stores are Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    • Install the latest software updates on your device. This helps to ensure that bugs and vulnerabilities susceptible to attacks are addressed.
    • When installing applications, be mindful of the permissions granted (i.e. think if the permissions are really necessary).

  • Use a strong password on your device
    Secure your device with a strong password, pin or a relevant mechanism to prevent unauthorised use.
    TIP: A strong password is one that is difficult to guess and contains a mix of letters, numbers or symbols. You can use this on top of your device touch ID (if you have any).

  • Do not "root" or "jailbreak" your device
    Doing so makes your device more prone to security vulnerabilities.

  • Know the latest threats on mobile security
    Check our Security Alerts & News frequently to be in the know of the latest malware threats and their behaviours.
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