myHome Protect Coverage

Understand what myHome Protect covers and how it differs from HDB Fire Insurance.

myHome Protect is a comprehensive home contents insurance plan that insures your home renovations and contents against fire, explosion, flood, theft and other causes specified in the policy, while HDB Fire Insurance only covers damage to the internal areas of the flat built by HDB (generally includes the floor slabs, internal partitions, ceiling, doors, windows, etc. and any other item which is provided by HDB as a standard item).

myHome Protect covers for physical loss or damage to the renovations and contents while in your home caused by any of the following causes up to the *Sum Insured specified in the policy:
  • Fire, lightning or explosion
  • Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon or flood (Excess: S$100)
  • Bursting, leaking, discharging or overflowing of water tanks or pipes (Excess: S$100)
  • Earthquake
  • Impact damage by road vehicle or aircraft
  • Civil commotion, labour disturbance and riot involving persons other than you, your household or any other person living in your home
  • Malicious act of any person other than you, your household or any other person living in your home
  • Theft or burglary accompanied by violent or forcible entry into your home by any person other than a member of the household or any other person living in your home
*Sum Insured: Insured value of the property and the maximum amount an insurer will pay if it is totally destroyed by an insured peril. This should reflect the cost of replacing the insured property to its original condition (or its equivalent) at the time just before the damage occurred.

Learn more about the benefits of myHome Protect and the application process here.

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