Career or family

Career or family

We’ve got one word for you: BOTH.
We’ve all come across the enviable Hollywood types that seem to have it all together: awesome career, perfect physique and the most wholesome family. Well, we’re not trying to fan the flames but to let you know that we CAN have it all. So how do you go about your 30s with this balancing act? We’ve got a few tips for you!

1. Define “Having it all”

relive every moment

Is it owning an expensive four-wheeler? Or is it having 5 kids in order to form your own indoor soccer team? You know your expectations better than anyone! Lay them down and evaluate your expectations against your reality. Some of these ‘wants’ might change once weighed against others.

2. Be your own boss

be your own boss

You don’t have to be a sheep all the time. By that, we mean you don’t have to follow someone else’s frame of work. Set your own rules and start your own game instead. From creating an alternative work-life culture to spending more time with your family, live the life imagined for yourself!

3. #Squadgoals

spend quality time

The older you become, the more important family will be. Millennials, listen up! Your family will be your squad. Prioritise your time with your family and make sure that you take steps to protect them. Bad things can happen to good people, so consider insurance plans to protect against these.

4. Stay connected

stay connected

Social media will always be there for you, whether you like it or not. Make use of this opportunity to stay connected with your family whilst at work and to stay connected with your work whilst you’re with your family! There’s more to social media than just selfies.

5. Laugh at yourself

laugh with friends

We don’t mean it literally. Laugh at the absurdity of life! Laugh at the badness and goodness of every situation! Even when you’re at work and pulling through a 13-hour workday, you’ll make it through the day better with a little bit of humour. Log into Instragram or Tumblr and pull up a thread of cat gifs. Might sound ridiculous, but hey, you need a little humour to get you going.

6. Honey, I’m home!

Singapore family bond

It’s showtime! Your career and family are the most important balancing act you have to perform in life. However, you’re not alone to face the spotlight! Your family and/or partner in crime a.k.a your spouse, exists to take that weight off your shoulders. If you’re coming home late from work, make sure your partner is there to tidy up the house and run the errands. Share your responsibilities so that you have time to plan for the bigger things in life!

7. A slice of slack

go on short staycation

Cut yourself some slack. We know you’re knee-deep in your career and you desperately want that month off with your family at some exotic locale. However, take a breather once in a while to recuperate and recover! Go for a solo staycation or even head to the beach and take in some Vit D and fresh air!

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