3 benefits to enjoy when you register your NRIC for PayNow
26 Mar 2021

3 benefits to enjoy when you register your NRIC for PayNow

With PayNow, there's no longer a need to exchange account numbers to send and receive money. From footing the bill for your family dinners, settling of bills and tuition fees, to transferring money to your loved ones, PayNow has helped to improve our lives in one way or another.

And if you are a PayNow user, and haven’t registered for PayNow with your NRIC, here are 3 benefits you may not know you are missing out on. (P.S.: Yes, this is different from registering your mobile number!)

What are you missing out without registering your NRIC for PayNow?

1. Enjoy quicker payout from government initiatives

From time to time, our government carries out initiatives, such as care and support schemes, to redistribute wealth among Singaporeans.

Case in point is when it rolled out four Budgets in 2020, which came with multiple cash payouts, like the GST Voucher and one-off Care and Support cash payout, to help Singaporeans tide over the challenging year due to COVID-19.

If you had registered your NRIC with PayNow, you would be given priority and gotten those payouts earlier than those who were using other modes of credit that might take them another one to two weeks to receive.

2. Receive payment from companies and organisations in less time

Ever experienced the lengthy wait for companies to disburse a payment via cheque to you, and then go through the hassle of making a trip down to the branch to deposit it? And, don’t forget the time needed for the cheque to clear!

Whether you are making a travel claim or looking to receive your savings plan payout from your insurer, it is not uncommon that the payment process may span a long time when you select the cheque option.

You may like to know that the government isn’t the only organisation that is leveraging PayNow for quick payments. Many private companies and selected business entities are also onboarded to PayNow. Register your NRIC for PayNow and say hello to more convenience.

3. Future perks and convenience when more services adopt PayNow

PayNow was introduced as a peer-to-peer fund transfer service to encourage digital payments amongst Singaporeans.

It has since evolved into a digital payment tool for businesses with the launch of PayNow Corporate, where some companies even pay salary to their employees via PayNow.

Signing up for PayNow today will prepare you for the future perks and conveniences that come with PayNow.

Register now

How do I register my NRIC to PayNow?

There’s really no cost to registering your NRIC to PayNow. Registering your NRIC to PayNow will let you enjoy more ease when receiving payments from third parties.

What’s more, you don’t have to register again when you change your mobile number.

How to Register

You can now register simply by sending us an SMS or by logging on to digibank.

Register on Mobile - digibank app

Step 1: Launch digibank and log in
Step 2: Tap on <Pay & Transfer>
Step 3: Tap on <PayNow>
Step 4: Tap on <Your Profile>
Step 5: Tap on <Register Your Mobile No.>
Step 6: Enter your preferred nickname and account that will link with your PayNow
Step 7: Review information and tap on <Register Now>

Register via SMS

Simply send an SMS in the following formats to register:

Register your NRIC with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 in this format:

PayNow<space>register<space>NRIC<space>your preferred bank account’s* last 4 digits<space>your preferred nickname to 77767
e.g. Paynow register nric 7890 Adeline

Register your mobile number with PayNow

SMS to ^77767 in this format:

PayNow<space>register<space>mobile<space>your preferred bank account’s* last 4 digits<space>your preferred nickname to 77767
e.g. Paynow register mobile 1234 Belinda

Note: We do not require your actual NRIC or mobile number in your SMS to 77767.
E.g. S1234567Z or 91234567

^ Before registering, please ensure your mobile number has been updated with the bank. To register your mobile number with us, you can login to POSB digibank (online and mobile banking). If you do not have an iBanking account, register here.

* Your preferred account is the primary current/savings personal account that will be used to receive funds for PayNow through your NRIC or mobile number.

What if I have already signed up for PayNow with my mobile number?

If you have already signed up for PayNow with your mobile number, there’s nothing stopping you from registering your NRIC for PayNow.

You can have both mobile number and NRIC tagged to your PayNow so that you can enjoy maximum benefits of instant payments on the go.

Register now

How to check if you are registered for PayNow with your NRIC?

To check your PayNow profile, all you need are a few clicks on the mobile app/web app.

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch your digibank mobile app, tap on PayNow and log in.
  2. Tap on Your Profile.
  3. You will be able to see your NRIC number and linked DBS/POSB bank account if you are registered.


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